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[jcvs] FW: Re: [jcvs] Log command  XML
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<pre>You cannot parse the file argument using parseArgumentString().

First, you have an empty entries object. This object must contain
the CVSEntry for each file in your command. Once you have placed
the proper CVSEntry objects into your CVSEntryVector entries, you
then need to set the flag that tells cvsc to send the entries as file

Look at ProjectFrame in com.ice.jcvsii, specifically commonCVSCommand()
and getEntriesToActUpon().

> Tim Endres wrote:
> > You cannot put the file name in the CVSSpec. You need to add it to
> the arguments
> > of the command via the argument vector.
> >
> > tim.
> Well, I tried to set
> command = "log:N:MA:cdefimoukt: -R -l"
> and
> argumentStr = "DBUpdater.java";
> In fact, in the source code of `CheckOutPanel.java', there is the
> following statement,
> CVSArgumentVector arguments =
> CVSArgumentVector.parseArgumentString(argumentStr);
> which parses `argumentStr' and sets the up the argument vector. I
> launched my app and this is what I can see:
> CVSRequest: command=log
> Opening server '514@arale.lips.dist.unige.it'...
> Negotiating cvs protocol...
> Sending command request, 'log'...
> Reading server response...
> Closing CVS server connection.
> Command completed with 'ok' status.
> cvs server: Logging .
> ** The command completed successfully.
> The result doesn't change if I change the name of the file I want to log
> or if the name points to a non existing file in my repository. Could you
> tell me where I can read documentation or what are the source file
> responsible to execute the log of a file?
> The result I expect is something like
> M RCS file: /home/cvspublic/apache-1.2/src/alloc.h,v
> M Working file: apache-1.2/src/alloc.h
> M head: 1.22
> M branch:
> M locks: strict
> M keyword substitution: kv
> M total revisions: 23; selected revisions: 23
> M description:
> M ----------------------------
> M revision 1.22
> M date: 1998/04/13 11:45:37; author: coar; state: Exp; lines: +8 -3
> M
> M Reword the licence text surrounding the use of the name "Apache"
> M in derived products. This will be in effect as of 1.2.7 and
> M following. (It's already in place for 1.3 in development.)
> M ----------------------------
> M revision 1.21
> M date: 1997/05/27 04:14:19; author: fielding; state: Exp; lines: +1 -0
> M Two problems were introduced by the two "error responses have wrong
> headers"
> M patches committed a couple weeks ago. The first is that a NULL table
> M causes mod_log_config to SIGSEGV on a call to table_get; the second is
> M that Location needs to be added to the output header table for redirects.
> M
> M Submitted by: Roy Fielding and Ed Korthof
> M Reviewed by: Jim Jagielski, Randy Terbush
> and so on.
> Thanks a lot for your help
> --
> Saluti,
> Paolo


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