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Joined: 01/07/2016 19:07:17
Messages: 931

I was an amateur power lifter all you knows it. There?s something that I have seen during these years is that many guys thinks that if you are bigger and get more bodyweight you should be stronger. It was undeniable few years ago.

When you take a look to all that old records you will see that super heavyweights weighing over 300 lbs were the kings of all the competitions squat http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/tyrone-hill-cavaliers-jersey/ , bench and dead lift.

But as we know, times change and things change with it when you look power lifting competitions nowadays you can realize that not always is the biggest guy who wins the trophy and the top ranked guys sometimes won?t get 300 lbs of weight.

As I have told you before there?s a lot of people on the internet who can tell you that the strongest guys in the world nowadays can weight 198, 220, 242 and 275 lbs http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/tristan-thompson-cavaliers-jersey/ , not necessary monsters of over 300 lbs.
Don?t think that I?m telling you about little fat guys who weigh less than their taller mates. I?m talking about people who looks like they are in bodybuilding championships.

Many strength coaches puts their power lifters into hard exercise works like weighted wheelbarrow and sled drags, one of those coaches is the world famous and owner of Westside Barbell Louie Simmons, you can tell it reading his articles.

I know that you won?t believe me if I tell you that there?s a new breed of power lifters that do cardio, yeah I?m not kidding they do hybrid cardio or resistance cardio.

They are not just worried for keep their good looking body better http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/terrell-brandon-cavaliers-jersey/ , they want to get better in all the ?absolute strength? aspects it?s about upgrade this overall and all of this gives a max strength power lifting results.

If you ask me I think that as the time changes the same way we will think about a lean hybrid muscle machine instead the stereotypical big fat bald guy with a goatee in the power lifting world, something that has a lot to do with this theory is the hybrid cardio or type III muscle training I guess.

I train with a guy called Mike Schwanke at Tampa Barbell. He?s one of many examples that the biggest guy isn?t always the stronger one he?s lighter compared with the heavy weights monsters. But this guy squats over 1k and dead lift 800lbs. if you don?t believe me you can watch this video of his training footage prior to meet earlier this year.

He has a great strength and reduces his body fat because he performs cardio and hybrid conditioning,Do you want to be balanced between fitness, strength and size? If the answer is yes then pay attention at the end of this article. Just think about this you can lift http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/shaquille-oneal-cavaliers-jersey/ , lift and lift until you get as big as a bull and have big muscles but you get short of breath jogging at least 15 minutes.

If you add the Hybrid Muscle Training component to your training mix it will give you a better performance if you practice any kind of sport, it also works to heal weak spots, improve your overall fitness and upgrade the capacity of your body to recover, and that?s why guys also use Hybrid conditioning.

The best hybrid exercises that you can start to perform are sled pull http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/lebron-james-cavaliers-jersey/ , tire flip, farmer?s walk wheelbarrow push and plate lifting. If you get focused in a first goal of ten minutes or something working with those exercises later, you can think about 30 minutes of work sessions.

You have to know this: if you reach the 30 minutes of workout session don?t even think about do longer stretches of time. Instead try to increase the weight not the time of your routines during the exercises. You will see that this works turning better your performance.

You will do complex exercises to your muscles testing your skills(balance, coordination http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/kyrie-irving-cavaliers-jersey/ , etc) everything at the same time that?s one of the best things of Hybrid cardio besides doing this exercise you will tune up your fitness level and also reduce the probability of get injury
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Plettenberg Bay is truly a paradise for tourists with weather that is continually warm and pleasant. In the waters of the bay you will be able to discover a rich marine life. As the warm and cold waters of the currents of the Indian Ocean blend http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/kyle-korver-cavaliers-jersey/ , a biodiversity that is unparalleled is created. The Bay is home to a wide array of common dolphins, which happen to be quite playful, as well as the endangered Bottle-nosed dolphins and even some rather shy Humpback dolphins as well. In addition, local residents include Byrde's whales and Orca whales. Southern Right whales can also be found splashing in the bay as well. In fact http://www.nbacavaliersteamshop.com/kevin-love-cavaliers-jersey/ , the biodiversity of the bay is so rich that it is literally the only place in the entire world where the rare Tropical Beaked whale has been witnessed.

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