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to leak classification There are two types of floor drain, water seal to floor drain and self-styled floor drain. Seal leakage to leak water leakage to achieve the sealing effect; self-sealing leakage through the springs, magnets, bearings and other mechanical devices or soft materials will be sealed to seal. floor drain structure The floor drain structure generally includes several parts.

floor drain cover, floor drain panel, debris filter, floor drain deodorant core. Each part of the structure plays a very important role. Part2: material selection of fine selection of materials to choose a doorway to drain when there are two elements must be seen, first, the quality of the material, the second is the structure of the material. Let's take a look at how to choose the following bar.

Second, the deodorant function should be in place, anti-taste, anti-pest, a new type of built-in type, the use of anti-odor, anti-odor, anti-odor, Water leakage in this regard the most insurance; Third, easy to clean, easy to leak into the hair, sand and other objects, the new floor drain easy to clean, built-in floor drain core must be easily removed for cleaning.
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This year, solid wood flooring raw material prices generally rose 5% -10%, the highest of 20% or more. While the floor retail sales decline in the market trend, the major building materials market compared to the same period last year, sales generally fell more than 30% pvc decking suppliers in northern ireland.
According to industry analysis, the current round of flooring raw material prices, mainly due to rising international oil prices led to a substantial increase in shipping prices, and at present China's flooring material mainly from South America, Southeast Asia and Africa and other regions synthetic wood deck cheap sale install.
Decline in retail sales of wood flooring is mainly affected by two aspects, one full house decoration project accounted for part of the market share, the second is the gradual increase in the number of investment buyers, new home decoration rental more low-cost enhanced composite decking for landscape garden cream flooring.
for reference purposes only. 18, with the edge of the best cabinets to buy a special trip to buy more than a few, buy other materials at the same time to buy it is not possible to get a good price, this is very profiteering products, very cheap! 19 kitchen cabinets do Before considering the size of the sink, the keel spacing determines the size of the sink. Twenty,

balcony door is best not to use fireproof board variant. Balcony of the environment is relatively poor. Twenty-one, to do the bathroom basin basin when the first consider the size of the basin in the future so that no less than fit. 22, glass is a very heavy thing, preferably in the vicinity of the purchase, or the first good way to transport. Twenty-three,

the installation of locks to pay attention to some of the tongue on the tongue, crashing and then on the late wax. If there is no door suction, then also pay attention to prevent the handle wall damage. Twenty-four, matte paint is better than the high-gloss, do not listen to the painter, if the painter said that it must be bad matte brush it bad technology. Also,
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far below the EU less than 0.124mg / m3 of E1 level standard three staggered three staggered interlock interlocking structures with high resistance to deformation and crack resistance. Gap left between the wood not only ensures scalable space patented lock technology (WOODLOC) exclusive locking seamless splicing technology can not only waterproof, resistance to deformation is also very good,

can withstand 1500kg / m tension, even if under conditions of heat and will not crack. It can also make the floor has good thermal conductivity. quasi. Traditional floor and Comparative suspended installation method Kang tree floor laying method Free Free glue keel structure because there is no drilling hit nails,

it is also very easy removal at a later time maintenance. Accessories have to choose a professional Dekor construction of a professional team in terms of construction, the installation of geothermal floor when the need to pay attention to all local customers taken into account, not only free construction, 30-year global warranty also shows Dekor confidence in the quality of their products.
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decoration market customers patronize considerably less than in previous years. laminate flooring consumption varies from north to south in the southern market, due to the humid climate, spending habits and economic conditions of a relatively high number of other reasons, imported high-grade wood in the decorative market to flourish. In the Shanghai market,

laminate flooring and solid wood flooring sales ratio of 15 Percent: 85 Percent. Many northern cities of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring sales ratio is estimated at 55 Percent: 45 Percent, or even higher. unprecedented fierce competition due to the continued 2--3 years selling laminate flooring and profit return,

more businesses join to strengthen wood floor, a large number of sales companies, brands far more than 100 kinds. Competition, so that some businesses had to cut prices approach using light and shade, to expand sales in 2000 the overall price level dropped by nearly 20 Percent, business profit margins getting smaller.
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My husband and I are big business are busy, tired enough to work every day, do not have time and energy to serve it in the future if I had a child accidentally peeing on the floor, but also worry about the damp no faded outdoor decks cheap sale floor deformation, Liu said.
The consumer concern has some truth, the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring is equally clear, that totally natural wood grain, as well as the kind of heavy feeling on the other foot floor is unmatched, but it requires users to carefully care , accidentally bumps are beyond repair, most operators headache to worry about, no one dared to ensure that each board is not deformed crack. "flooring is difficult to shake the status of solid wood flooring and solid wood ecological projects vinyl flooring sale flooring had had to contend laminate flooring, the end result did not own shortcomings as much climate.
A flooring dealer Jiang Yi believes flooring "origin" is not good, the market is extremely confusing, cheap twenty or thirty dollars a square meter, expensive hundred dollars a square meter, cheap difficult to guarantee quality but if too expensive with wood stairs composite nonskid decking floors almost, consumers and psychologically difficult to accept, position in the home improvement market is threatened.
need to rely on imports. The second layer (decorative layer): that is, the computer simulation is due to the production of printing paper computer imitation, emulation can produce a variety of species of wood grain patterns, and even imitation stone lines and create some unique designs.

Use trimeric hydrocarbon amine decorative paper impregnated computer design, has the advantage of strong anti-ultraviolet light, after long-term exposure does not cause fading. The third layer is the base layer, the use of high-density fiberboard (HDF), medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard special form of high quality high density fiberboard density should 0.82g / cm3 or more.

Since laminate flooring quality depends largely on the quality of the merits of the substrate layer, the substrate is generally higher requirements, the following main points: a substrate bonding strength is higher. Surface smooth, homogeneous density. low content of free formaldehyde. high base MOR high modulus of elasticity good moisture resistant laminate flooring is very high due to the requirements of the substrate,
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Ground color and wall color with little attention, but they occupy the largest area of ??the color of the room, between them with, in fact, very critical. White good solid deck use in marine boat Floor Now many families like to brush the floor white, I hope to have a quiet home atmosphere. Recommended the use of gray and other relatively light color, easy to give a quiet feeling, it will not cause the wall color heavy floor light color "top-heavy."
Here to choose a light peach. Pine wood flooring in the pine floor directly after the brush varnish color appears slightly yellow tone, the wall on the use of "adjacent color" rule, the selection of the yellow adjacent to the green, so you can create a very warm atmosphere. Red-brown floor with red color of the china wpc fence manufacturers floor itself gives a strong sense of color on the floor, if the walls are also painted with thick colors of paint, it will appear not harmonious. If you choose a pink tone with the ivory, and black tea floor will form a sense of unity. Dark Brown Floors White walls and dark brown flooring make the floor look dark.
If the selection of the same color as the brown color of the cashmere on the walls, walls and wpc fence manufacturers in india floors of the color is relatively easy to access, the space will appear large.

a strong Profitability. Project has high economic efficiency. Wood-plastic composite materials and the production of products not only efficient use of crop residue straw, wood and bamboo to improve the utilization efficiency of resources, improve the added value of products, to bring significant economic benefits,

but also reduces the waste of wood and bamboo pollution of the environment is conducive to solving local pollution problems of waste wood and bamboo processing enterprises, to achieve the full utilization of resources,

it has a good social benefits. 2, the main technical and economic data and indicators 3, market analysis WPC combines properties of plastic and wood, with excellent moisture resistance, drilling and riveting performance performance,
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According to the industry plan, the implementation of specific measures include: specification of industrial development, to prevent disorderly competition, conditionally support key enterprises and enterprise cluster development; active use of national resources and comprehensive utilization of wood and materials policy,

vigorously develop changes in domestic wood industry inadequate investment in state; explore the construction of wood-plastic composites technology innovation system, accelerate the pace of industrial development; good crop straw processing residues and forest utilization; rich wood product diversification issue;

the progressive realization of the equipment wood specialization; accelerate the establishment product quality testing and application of standard system WPC products, and strive to improve the level of product standards in China wood industry competitiveness and influence in the international arena.
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Flooring company from South Korea to introduce silver ion antibacterial geothermal best price on tambo composite wood floor floor --- silver floor, has now been approved for use "CIAA" Chinese anti-bacterial materials and products industry associations.
The floor is Dongguk and businesses, Ltd. the latest patented technology, which enables the introduction of geothermal laminate flooring level of environmental protection to the next level. Because in geothermal conditions, the temperature is higher, floor is easy to breed bacteria. Silver ion antimicrobial geothermal outdoor composite wall panel cost floor wear impregnated paper production process adds active silver ions in water, these active silver ions adsorbed on the surface of the wear-resistant paper, which play an antibacterial effect. At present, the product has been tested Academy of Sciences antibacterial materials testing centers, after testing, the floor can be suppressed to kill 99% of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other common harmful bacteria, mold level to Level 1 standard.
It can greatly reduce the likelihood of pathogenic bacteria infection in the course of a user sat on the wood composite wall panel interlock floor, barefoot and other direct contact with the floor.

many domestic and foreign investors to re-set our sights on this emerging industry. In the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, with red being the "Oriental Crown" echoes, the museum is surrounded by large red floor. The floor of both wood texture, but also the texture of wood, but the fact that these floors are not made of wood,

but a new type of environmentally friendly materials called WPC. China currently has about 210 WPC manufacturers, the annual output value of over 2.4 billion yuan, is the world's second largest producer; on the scope of application, China's WPC products is broader than the scope of the European region, the broader market,

initiative to give timely release, the industry is rapidly moving consciously science and technology, standardization and intensive direction. During this period, the number of enterprises in the wood for the first time more than 150, also have a larger increase on production capacity, product quality has improved significantly. Under the dual incentives to encourage economic efficiency and,
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Laminate flooring has to be done to lower longan, outdoor wpc wall panel more and more families like to use laminate flooring, especially young people are often the first choice of laminate flooring. Strengthen the floor of wear resistance, this feature is quite palatable for young people. Many young people like to buy a lot of furniture and furniture purchased during handling is very easy to wear floor. Only the most laminate flooring is not afraid of toss. And many young people after moving into a new home, it will add a child within the past few years, with laminate flooring, do not worry kids pee, open walkers, more suitable. When installing laminate flooring, earthworm is widely used. This broke the previous laying laminate flooring without earthworm tradition. Paved earthworm, wpc decking buy in thailand laminate flooring foot feeling good, strong stability. Strengthen the solid wood boards become "test the water off." There are two types of flooring with the word "enhanced", but a different order. One is to strengthen the solid wood board, a more accurate description is imitation wood to strengthen the board, and its essence is to strengthen the floor, 1.2 cm thickness, surface plated with imitation wood film. Mostly domestic brands, the price of 60-80 yuan / square meter. Another type is to strengthen the wood panel, the essence of this type of flooring is solid wood flooring, but because the outer layer is coated with a reinforcing material, so this type of wood floor has laminate flooring wear, wooden fence cost estimator but the price is high, about 300-400 yuan / square meter. Strengthened wood panels on the market, is also part of the villas, townhouses family to accept, but because of its high price, for now, can only be regarded decoration "test the water off" on the popular stage. From the wall tiles polished tiles can only be attached to the ground it? The answer is not necessarily. Right now, polished tiles affixed to the bathroom, the kitchen wall. They atmospheric wall, kitchen, bathroom suddenly becomes a "on." Polishing brick wall - negative factors will cause the loss of large, labor costs are relatively high. uv resistant rubber paver mats But anyway, this idea of ??people are showing the changes --- as long as a suitable material, its performance will have a variety of techniques.

a large number of agricultural plant fibers (especially rice bran, straw, husk and so difficult to change the natural decay of the material) is incineration. This is not only a serious waste of natural resources, but also surrounding cities and rural environment caused tremendous damage. Based on our investigation and analysis of several provinces,

domestic agricultural fibers, including rice bran, all kinds of straw, annual production in thousands of tons, 1 million tons of wood flour should be more than other natural fibers have 5-10 million Ton. What they needed for sustainable economic development of China's renewable resources for sustainable development. If following the made industrial products, natural fibers or wood flour per ton 1000 yuan appreciation,

the value of these resources in more than a few hundred million. They are one of China's valuable natural resources. We all know, Chinese products due to improper handling of plastic waste caused by "white pollution" problem is serious. Cities plastic waste accounted for total waste of The figures are opposed to China's current per capita plastics consumption is less than 10 kg, 25 kg less than the average level of the world,
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Benefits compared to laminate flooring, solid wood flooring is too much. Summarized down, there is a number of aspects.
First of all, compared to other categories of flooring, engineered wood flooring because it is authentic, has not been incorporated into any harmful chemical substances, so is the healthiest most environmentally friendly flooring;
Second, because of the use of solid wood flooring is wood, there are a lot of pipes and pores between its wood fiber, a large area of pavement to the house, the home of the temperature and humidity have a regulatory role, solid wood flooring will "breathe" floor, it is "live
Third, the natural wood is flexible, all pure solid wood flooring foot feeling will be more comfortable;
Fourth, the unique aroma of wood tincture substance regulate nerve, sedative, hypnotic effect on people's health, health is very useful;
Fifth, on behalf of the noble wood, especially wood resources are increasingly scarce today, laying solid wood floor is a status symbol.
the article come from : Wood Plastic Composite Products Manufacturer
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