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floor are natural good fortune was, ecological environmental protection, natural materials are ground in a number of materials. It not only plays a role in regulating the indoor temperature, sico portable flooring inter screw locking for salehumidity and the environment, and its natural texture, color and clear color, bring visual aesthetic and psychological sense of belonging.
Heavy wood ants floor is the most characteristic of building wood wall panels for home, whether it good then? Heavy wood ants floor in addition to having a better than other floor durability, density, temperature and swelling shrinkage, corrosion-resistant, high strength, good stability after drying and other physical attributes, or more importantly, its texture and straight or staggered wood inherent color changes, to bring comfortable and natural visual beauty. However, some consumers do not understand the true beauty of heavy wood ants floor, but I heard a good heavy wood plastic composite floor prices, but the price is moderate, blindly follow the trend to buy, even mistaken, "Small is good color floor," ignoring its true Bright side. A decoration designer with years of experience that if the renovation without color, chromatic aberration of heavy wood ants floor, home design overall effect will be full of angry, mainly due to its excellent color properties.
Standing wood ants value different perspectives, will produce different results, rich color change, such as green, gold and dark red lines undulating texture, form three-dimensional layered strong wonderland, you can adjust your vision, adjust your mood, described as pleasant, relaxed and happy.

with broad prospects for development. Innovation of this project is to provide wood powder WPC large aspect ratio screw compounding and pelletizing equipment specially designed to be used for injection molded WPC separate type screw injection molding machine product preparation program. The preparation process: using straw or forestry three residues abrasive having a particle size of 100 to 200 mesh biological fibers;Outdoor Deck Wholesale, Wood Decking Suppliers

100-120 mesh biological fiber material is dried to a moisture content of less than 5%; recycled plastics drying; the recovered plastic and wood bio-fiber ratio of 30:65 by mixing; mixing materials transported to the conical twin-screw granulation equipment according to the recipe to add a coupling agent and a lubricant, and other additives;Outdoor Composite Decking Material - Seven Trust

the recipe will be added to the coupling agent and other lubricant additives mix in a predetermined range of temperatures, compounding extruder; cooling the extrudate face cutting and grinding; grinding pelletized material drying bagging project requirements made of wood powder injection molding grade WPC finished products; the WPC injection molding processing into wood products. Advantages of the process: from biological fiber material applications conical twin screw extruder made of wood-plastic composite materials and injection molding process is simple and low cost.cheap wooden fence panels belfast

prefabricated outdoor wood ducking supplier

Content of wood powder injection molding grade wood materials and wood products industry is a high-end products, its unique excellent performance can be extended to the field of wood and plastic and metal products, demand side towers, market products of this project is very broad.available openings outdoor wood decking easy install The project product life prediction Content of wood powder injection molding grade wood materials and wood products industry is a high-end products,

its unique excellent performance can be extended to the field of wood and plastic and metal products, demand side towers, market products of this project is very broad,no radiation white vpc fence by constantly improving technology, foreseeable economic life of the product is unlimited. The project to develop the domestic product, according to production Nanping,

Fujian Institute of Science and Technology Information Center search new search results in the country, the domestic wood products have been reported in the literature,paintable outdoor wood decking easy install the major wood products mainly through the extrusion process, filled with wood powder in a large quantity of 30 to 40%, mainly the production of outdoor patio fence, pallet, lines, flooring and other products, products of this project amounted to 55 filled with wood powder, can be used for injection molding,

during the foaming process to strictly control foaming decomposition temperature and decomposition time. So to choose the decomposition temperature of the blowing agent to match. Typically micro plastic foam blowing agent used in AC is not suitable for Wood / PVC composite system. Because the AC blowing agent decomposition gases produced also release a lot of heat,mildew proof wood composite fence advantage

if not take effective measures, can easily cause the internal temperature of the material or the pore size of the uneven surface of the article appears bubbling, collapse and other defects. Product demand analysis WPC combines properties of plastic and wood, build bench with back rest supplier

with excellent moisture resistance, drilling and riveting performance performance, better structural rigidity, better look and feel, improved crush performance, quality, uniform nature and environmental friendliness are improved significantly, excellent overall physical and mechanical properties and appearance of the article, and can replace the wood and chemicals used in plastics injection molding production,recycled plastic lumber decking uk

1: because of its very nature, can not be long-term exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays, using curtains and other shade shelter when necessary thing.

2: By their nature, water, expands when wet. Avoid damp, giving the floor a dry environment, especially not long-term immersion in water.

3: Avoid all kinds of corrosive chemical products used on the floor, such as accidentally spilled on the floor as soon as possible, please wipe.

4: As the floor after being contaminated hair dye, shoe polish and other solutions, it is difficult to remove. Avoid the use of chemical agents to clean the floor, otherwise the floor will produce albino. Chemical soaked rag on the floor for extended periods if the floor is likely to cause discoloration.

5: Try to avoid the hot items such as heaters or other heating appliances are placed directly on the floor.

6: Try to avoid heavy items such as when you move furniture, table, chair or move using a wheel chair, could easily lead to scratch the floor. Should gently and add cushion to protect the furniture, table, chair legs, in order to extend the life of the floor.

The Article Come From : Minimal Maintenance Wall Panel Distributor In Qatar

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cooled to room temperature, dry straw powder intruded, 10 minutes after removing squeezed into the 80-degree oven, spread drying 2h, the dryer out on alternate straw fibers through a plastic straw into the grinder crushed powder, and then through a 80 mesh sieve straw powder, such composite materials economy,corrosion resistant outdoor wood floors processability and physical properties can be very good, during mixing wheat straw is not prone to agglomeration.

Pretreated wheat straw powder b.The wheat straw for 30min at 45 Celsius, 10% H2SO4 solution, mainly to remove impurities such as pectin affect performance after washing to neutral,thickest hardwood flooring supplier in Mauritius with 10% NaOH solution at 90 Celsius treatment 1h, was treated with low concentrations of dissolved wooden part pectin, lignin and hemicellulose and other low molecular weight impurities,

without changing the chemical structure of cellulose body, leaving the microfibers rotation angle is reduced, improving the molecular orientation,fire resistant wood composite floor thereby increasing the fracture strength microfibers, etc., and then distilled water. 5.3 pairs of screw granulation process parameters on the impact extrusion temperature 5.3.1.WPC in the extrusion process is mainly affected by temperature and cylinder head temperature,
equipment to seek a breakthrough in recent years, China's large particleboard production line coming on stream, the annual output of 100,000 cubic meters of floor production line equipment almost all imported from abroad, Easy To Clean Vinyl Pergola North America, Europe and flooring production equipment and domestic equipment is always in the superior compared status. Anticorrosive WPC Flower Boxes Supplier Some domestic woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises to improve this situation is trying to seek a breakthrough. SUFOMA Corp. chief engineer Huang Gang, said: "Food industry is a development led to the arrival of the peak period of the development of wood-based panel wpc garden fencing machinery Frankly, production capacity and technological level of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises do not fully meet the market development. demand. Recycled WPC Outdoor Benches "It is reported that in previous years, the company will mainly focus on medium density fiberboard production equipment research and development. The past two years, the company's integration of all resources and energy into aspects floor production equipment. It has been able to produce an annual output of 70,000 cubic meters floor equipment. Floor secondary processing equipment company also exports abroad.
WPC definitions.Wood-plastic composites is a kind of new material, now it aroused more and more attention. In the most general .sense .Speaking, Acronym WPC 'represents a rather wide range of composite materials, which are used pure or recycled plastic and a filler made of natural fibers,calculate weight of wood decking wherein.The plastic may be a high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) and other plastics, and natural fibers include wood flour.And linen fibers.This generation of new, fast-growing wood-plastic composites (WPC) has excellent mechanical properties,

stability, and can be used for molding complex shapes. Wood Plastic composites currently find a great use of space in a non-structured residential outdoor decoration, but also used in other aspects of housing construction materials are constantly developing,compare wood plastic composite decking Decorative parts such as doors and windows, corridors, roofs, car decoration materials and a variety of outdoor garden and park equipment.WPC development Introduction Status Quo and Development Trend of Chinese WPC WPC (WPC) is the use of wood fibers or plant fibers in various forms as a reinforcing material or filler,

so that after pretreatment with a thermoplastic resin (PP, PE, PVC, etc.) or other composite materials made of a new environmentally friendly composite materials.WPC materials and products both wood and plastic dual character, strong wood texture,pvc Wall Panel and wood decking can be manufactured in different colors according to needs, with many features not wood: Mechanical High performance, light, moisture, acid .Alkali and easy cleaning, but also to overcome the woody material with high water absorption, easy to crack deformation,
Wood Flooring optional convenient construction, does not require complicated construction process, saving installation time and costs.no cracks, no swelling, no distortion, no maintenance, easy to clean, repair and maintenance costs savings late.sound-absorbing effect is good,Wholesale Composite Decking Products, Durable Wpc Floor Supplier good energy, indoor saving up to 30%.Wood Flooring Installationwood floors pre-construction preparation, construction site before construction to ensure that the concrete base floor leveling. It is important that we should not for the easy way, barely construction, otherwise you will cause more harm than good.the center keel 310-410mm distance control between the ends of the keel butt joints need to stay spacing of about 10mm,to facilitate drainage,Composite Deck Products Blog - Seven Trust and to achieve the ends of the seam between the rows and rows of keel offset, not in a straight line. Keel spacing tolerances grassroots construction site construction ground conditions are poor, can not be stable when the topic structure, the need to use steel instead of wood keel keel, used just to use galvanized steel, welded link the site to remove welding slag, rust treatment backseat . the size of the mosaic floor of the gap,wear narrow composite deck board according to the temperature and humidity when wood floor installation environment, floor length, floor moisture content, as well as the specific circumstances of the laying of the area reasonably determined.
plastic products in the domestic market is not large scale. Chinese market compared to the North American market, an increase of wood-plastic composites and finished products as well as a large space,supply of imported pvc panels pvc in recent years the domestic production is expected to WPC market will be more than one million tons,

the output value of over 1 billion yuan, and the formation of new system of wood-plastic composite products. Wood Flooring will replace solid wood flooring, flooring industry has become the trend of the new trend. prefab fence panels ItalyAt present, the domestic wood product research scattered , lack of funds, high production costs, low market-oriented, laminate flooring, commercial promotion difficult,

not mass production, not scale, these factors lead directly to higher wood prices. Europe and other developed countries, wood industry has experienced for 20 years,Select Types Multi Outdoor Furniture Export Bahrain is moving toward maturity, but the domestic wood industry, from development to manufacturing a product is less than 10 years. Thus market awareness is relatively low, many people simply do not know why the wood was.
WPC decking.The most widely used is wood floor outdoor applications because it is waterproof and anti-corrosion.grey glossy rigid pvc panels big size Now people's environmental awareness are relatively strong, the wood floor is a very environmentally friendly flooring. Its relatively long service life, but also to compare the safety and environmental protection. It is one of the best types of outdoor flooring.
Now, with the development of people's living standards, more and more attention to work safety and environmental protection of the living environment. Where Buy Pressure Wood Treated 2X6X8,Durable Pressure Wood Treated 2X6X8 of new green flooring materials, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-formaldehyde, known as green flooring materials.

The new pvc wood floor with green, healthy and comfortable, stylish, decoration and convenient advantages. pvc wood flooring good performance, cost-effective: tidal water, tasteless, fungistatic, anti-static, acid, paint, moth, fire retardant and other properties.commercial grade exterior wall cladding Floor polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, the fire and the smoke density reach the national B1 level standard, with superior flame retardancy, particularly for geothermal heating floor is very good, Japan, South Korea, North America and has been widely adopted.
cork flooring, from the point of view there are three cross-section, with the underlying surface are cork, an intermediate layer of the MDF with a tongue and groove (lock), the thickness of up to about 10 mm, commonly known as the "sandwich" in the outer layers of cork can achieve good acoustics, pure color and cork flooring,

rich defect. But from the point of view of many should be simple to install, mainly with suspension, with laminate flooring that is similar to the requirements on the ground is not too high.Third, mute cork flooring, which is a combination of cork and laminate flooring, cork bottom, the surface for the flooring, the intermediate layer is also sandwiched a layer of MDF, which can reach a thickness of 13.4 mm.

When people walk on it, the bottom of the cork can absorb part of the sound, play a role in lowering the tone, because of sufficient thickness, foot feeling very good. Its other main feature is to overcome the above two cork flooring colors less disadvantage surface flooring, can have any pattern and color choices, all you see flooring colors can be selected, but also has inter-static effect of cork. As for the installation of such floor and laminate flooring, as can lock the way, it is very convenient.



In addition, secondary processing of wood flooring is also very good, no matter what you want to do a good shape can be transformed,Least Expensive Basement flooring which is one of the important reasons for the selection of home improvement products.
With the growing popularity of low-carbon circular economy, because of its wood flooring is taking the road of low-carbon environment, and begin to market has been concerned,Outdoor Wooden Planks In Manila Philippines but also in China has just caught on one of the products in recent years. Wood Flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in production,

high density fiberboard produced during the lignans added after granulation equipment made of recycled plastic wood-plastic composite material,a grade gray pvc board and then extrusion group made of wood flooring.
Wood Flooring in line with development of the industry

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