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there are a variety of surface color can be selected, and the ceramic surface layer not containing radioactive elements, widely used in all kinds of high-grade room, such as bank room, telecommunications room, high-end computer room monitoring, microelectronic workshop, can also be used for high-grade intelligent office building etc.. All steel anti-static floor to buy four note,

small temporary house is here to share, I hope for your purchase of all steel anti-static floor for more help, all steel anti-static floor, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. As we all know, composite anti-static floor is an anti-static floor, mainly for the room and other ground decoration. Then, how to maintain the composite anti-static floor? Let's take a look at the use of composite anti-static floor environment and maintenance methods.

A composite control, anti-static floor environment laying anti-static floor room temperature control at 15 DEG -35 DEG humidity in 45%-75%; if the room is in low humidity conditions, the floor surface will cause cracks, should be appropriate to increase the veneer thickness and strength. Two, compound anti-static floor maintenance method 1, prohibit the use of sharp appliances, directly on the floor surface construction operation, destroy the surface anti-static performance and beauty degree.
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The problem of indoor environmental pollution is becoming increasingly prominent ECO Waterproof Fence .There are 60% of people living in the room, and in the city, the number is up to 80% to 90%.All kinds of indoor pollution have been brought into the family with the decoration, and formaldehyde pricing for roof pavers lightweight , benzene and other toxic gases are the main enemy of decoration pollution.
The duration of release can reach 3 to 15 years, which is a long-term potential hazard to human health.With the development of polymer chemistry center match tongue price , the existing construction materials have been replaced by high-performance plastics and steel by the former.
Insulation materials, indoor decoration materials and various furniture, walls, floor surface paint, also use more beautiful, economical and practical chemical supplies.According to a comprehensive survey t g wood composite lumber ,Building and decorative materials, furniture decoration, ventilation air-conditioning system, office equipment and household appliances are the most important "invisible killer"in the indoor air quality.

PVC veneer is easy to aging, paved floor is not easy to clean, easy to aging, the fire performance too; compared with the previous two, anti-static ceramic tile surface layer made of the best, not only good fireproof performance, and easy to clean, high abrasion resistance, anti aging. Because of its good practical performance, it is becoming more and more popular in china. What is anti-static floor,

I believe that through the introduction, we have some understanding of anti-static floor, anti-static floor anti-static effect is very good, is the first choice of the computer room floor. The classification of anti-static floor, small temporary is here to share, I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of the activities of anti-static flooring, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.

The composite anti-static flooring anti-static ceramic metal composite floor is a flooring anti-static effect is very good, a lot of friends may first heard of composite anti-static flooring, we work together to see what is the composite anti-static flooring and composite anti-static flooring? What advantages and disadvantages? What is a composite anti-static the floor? The composite anti-static flooring anti-static ceramic metal composite floor with anti-static ceramic tile as surface layer,
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Table color to be resistant to stone decoration products into the home, more is made of all kinds of furniture countertops, which should take into account the pollution problem, and thus to choose the color of some deep stone, like green, blue, red series of marble, Granite can be, marble with those with large patterns of the variety, the decorative effect will be better. Kitchen table for the use of stone, should choose thick plate 25 mm, the best use of granite.flooring for patio flooring wood home depot
Because granite in the kitchen too much acid, alkali environment, can be durable and yet glory, and have a very high strength. Pavement maintenance has a set because the decorative stone is a natural product, each plate pattern, color characteristics are not the same, must be through the parquet (color), so that the pattern, color gradually extended, transition, in order to achieve the overall color on the reconciliation.outdoor flooring for a front porch
After making a good color, you should immediately number it so that you can press it in place. Number can be used to paste the label or write directly on the board with a wood crayon, but should not use the liquid color pen on the stone surface painted symbols, otherwise, colored liquid into the stone, will leave the traces of rubbing. Weight, etc., in order to avoid shell or rugged.engineered wood flooring for covered decks
At the same time it must be noted that some imported stone on the back of a plastic network, in which the patchy network must be torn before installation. After the completion of the renovation, it is best to use white car wax in the stone trim panels coated with a thin layer to be maintained, after every two weeks to scrub.deck from composit wood models
In May 2003, Ji xiang Wood established the third production base in China slip over plastic deck overlay , Heilongjiang Ji xiang.For the north area of high-end furniture, home manufacturers, provide the complete specifications of high-quality high-density fiberboard raw materials.
In December 2003, Ji xiang Wood already has 8 branches guide on how to make double fence board with floors , 26 logistics centers, more than 700 stores at any time to provide professional services. In Shenzhen, some 1200 households have been tested by the family cheap decking budget friendly for stair step , and the qualified rate is only about 30%.
The unqualified items are mainly formaldehyde and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds).25% of the indoor decoration materials in the interior of the existing radioactive problem.Among them composite waterproof floor panels , 70% of the non-qualified residential environment, the most important indicator of unqualified is formaldehyde pollution.

PVC plastic sports flooring on the ink stained, greasy food, should wipe the dirt, and then use diluted cleaner to clean the residual traces of black leather shoes can be used when printing is difficult to remove the veil with pine fragrance scrub, scrub to fill wax curing. 7, avoid direct illumination, prevent the floor by sunlight, resulting in discoloration, discoloration.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have some understanding of the movement of the floor! The floor exercise is a very good floor, can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, commonly used in various sports venues, such as badminton courts, basketball courts, table tennis etc.. Sports flooring suitable places and maintenance skills, small temporary is here to share,

I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of sports flooring, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. Sports floor is a common ground decoration materials, with a wide range of applications, stability, good performance, wear-resistant, easy to maintain and so on. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce the installation of sports flooring strategy, to help you do a good job installing the floor of sports.
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This is not only because of the success of the new brand image of the floor del well-built international strategies, But Delphi Group in grasping quality, scientific and technological, market, and improve the service quality, focus on management, marketing and other aspects of active practice and result of bold innovation.
In a short span of 4 years, The rapid growth of Delphi, the continuous expansion of market share, sales come out in front, become popular with consumers the best brand in the flooring industry in China.Founded in 1993, Ji xiang planted forests Products Group (hereinafter referred to as "Ji xiang Wood") was invested by international financial companies in China.Its investment is $150000000.
Perhaps Ji xiang Wood's investment background is nothing in the crowded society of today's rich businessmen, but his afforestation strategy is in the forefront of the industry.
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while the floor of the extremely long service life can reach more than 30 years. Through the above introduction, I believe we already know what electrostatic floor! About static floor size, small temporary is introduced to here, hope to help you understand the anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. As you all know,

the floor is commonly used in home decoration materials, today Xiaobian to introduce a new floor - electrostatic flooring. A lot of friends may ask, what is static floor? What are the categories of electrostatic floor? Electrostatic floor price is not expensive? Here and small series together to understand the classification and price of electrostatic floor. Electrostatic floor introduction electrostatic floor is a kind of anti-static floor,

also known as dissipative electrostatic floor. When it is connected to the ground or connected with any lower potential point, it can dissipate the charge of them and avoid static electricity. Because of this performance, the electrostatic floor has been widely used in each plant room. Two, static floor classification static floor because the characteristics and properties of different, can be divided into different kinds of static electricity floor, here Xiaobian to introduce the classification of static floor
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Different types of floor cleaning and maintenance in different ways, so to find out the type of floor they use. Strengthen the composite floor without any special maintenance, just use a small amount of moisture wipe can be wiped. Strengthen the floor surface is a layer of very wearable material called aluminum oxide, the protection of the floor in the life will not be worn, the extra polishing, waxing, etc. but will destroy the surface effect of strengthening the floor.
The surface is solid wood flooring such as solid wood flooring, three-layer parquet, multi-layer parquet, etc., to distinguish the surface treatment process is a paint treatment or natural grease treatment, and then re-use targeted maintenance agent, and maintenance procedures and Methods are also relatively complex, can be asked before the manufacturers or directly called the floor of the manufacturers to provide maintenance services. For the deep maintenance of solid wood flooring, such as the removal of surface paint or grease re-painted on the oil, polished and then painted the surface after the work, preferably by the floor manufacturers or professional floor maintenance company to do.
In the fight against stubborn defacement, qualified reinforced laminate flooring, due to its delicate surface characteristics, stubborn stains with wet wipes can be easily removed. The surface is solid wood flooring, dealing with a little difficulty, such as in the process of the surface of the paint or wood structure damage, but also need to repair agent or repair agent to repair the surface of the trauma.
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a very slight but not obvious as qualified. The third step, observe the floor leather surface has no stencil pattern, there is no defect surface transparent wear-resistant layer, are not as excellent products and first-class goods, small stencil or lack of film for qualified products, or is not qualified. Finally,

carefully check the surface of multicolor overprint without bias, different parts have no color difference, excellent product is not more than two uniform defects, but not obvious for the first grade, the obvious above defect judgement but not affect the overall appearance of the goods. Finally, the overall quality of the floor leather is judged by the above judgments. 4, look at the signs of plastic flooring should be wear-resistant layer outward roll on the core, should be carried out packaging. The product name, production plant name, product mark,

grade, batch number, quality and length shall be indicated at the obvious place of each roll packing. In addition to the above three items can be directly sensory judgment, in the purchase of floor leather should also pay attention to physical performance, to ensure its service life. 5, smell, see and try to hear: (1) whether the products are chemical smell of the smell is likely to exceed the standard limit of harmful substances or floor surface of the printing layer the release of toxic gases.
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and in a variety of colors, and maximize your style, Home Furnishing. 2 simple and convenient installation of environmental protection can only be glued on the glass, men, women and children can be installed, without professional tools, without professional skills. Save money and time. Without drilling,

does not damage the wall, not like acrylic to drill drilling, parapet wall corner first destroyed, itself has no screw hole, more perfect. 3 environmentally safe and durable wood plastic durable, not easy to deformation, not as fragile as glass beads is not as dangerous, the bending deformation of acrylic, environmental protection and formaldehyde free, unlike some bad odor acrylic beads.

4 high cost wood although there are so many advantages, the price is not high, but the quality is our special offer for angle promotion, can be said to be the cheapest angle in high quality, high price. conclusion: the above is play for you about the characteristics of wood plastic retaining wall, we hope to help. Learn more about the decoration materials, welcome to continue reading the national decoration raiders.
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Before laying gap is because floor moisture content is higher, maintenance time is not enough, the floor after laid is out of the water evaporation drying shrinkage, make the floor appears between the larger gap. In addition, the floor processing precision is not enough, there are size head, or empty for a long time after laid, the sun, such as air conditioning use undeserved can cause the floor to be out of shape.
Jun real wood floor board (paint) paint, paint, blasting Jun paint floor lacquer face appear phenomenon related to coating paint processing, paint is because floor moisture content is too high, the floor after laid is out of contract cause blowout of face of the paint.
Paint the floor deformation is one of the most appear corrugated shape, wavy phenomenon, the reason is that the moisture content when floor laid is too low, on both sides of the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp inflation after the cock, if floor laid is too tight or too much, too long, this is easy to appear.
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The house and small series together to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the wood door. With a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, wood door, wood door has 1 formula system, the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, various components according to strict mixing ratio, effectively ensure the quality of products foamed sheet.

wood door, durable, long service life, the appearance of the wood, than the plastic products of high hardness, good rigidity has excellent properties than wood good dimensional stability, no crack, no warping, wood knots, twill etc.. With the two processing of wooden doors, can be sawn, planed, bonded, fixed with nails or screws.

wood doors fire retardant performance is good wood plastic suit door in case of open flame does not support combustion, automatic off from live. After testing, strong wood door oxygen index is 48, the fire resistance rating of B1, the performance of Longqiao plastic wood suite door will greatly improve the fire safety Home Furnishing residential.
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glass transport shelves, etc.. 4: garden applications: all kinds of residential settings, outdoor tables and chairs, garden handrails and decorative panels, flower pots, open-air flooring, waste boxes, pavilions, etc.. 5: interior decoration applications: a variety of decorative strips, decorative panels, frames, curtain rods, curtains and decorative ring, Venetian blinds, ceilings, walls, etc..

other: field table, cabin partition, train or truck floor, toys, storage boxes, highway sound insulation board, movable frame, etc.. Wood plastic material is not only a wide range of uses, and environmental health, economic and durable, like friends, you can try to buy. The use of wood plastic materials, small house temporarily introduced here, I hope to help you understand the wood plastic materials,

for more Home Furnishing decoration knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wood door is the use of wood powder particles and the polymer resin is mixed by molding process manufacturing a door, wood door has excellent properties of wood and plastics, to achieve a real wood effect.
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Installation of the main components of wood keel, steel buckle, stainless steel screws, self tapping screws, plastic buckle and plastic expansion pipe, etc.. The installation process will be first installed on the keel wood lined up on the road, the wood floor with the corresponding parts are fixed,

each material interval about 5mm to cope with its thermal expansion and contraction, the transfer point to the keel by steel buckle can be fixed on the wood keel. In the installation process to consider the installation of professional level, it is recommended to use professional installation personnel.

The installation of the same time to consider the floor is more brittle so in the installation of stainless steel nail tapping nut should be the first drill with an electric drill at the interface to ensure the integrity of the floor. After installation, it is necessary to test the stability of the installation can be used.
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