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Messages posted by: time
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I apologize, but I do not understand this question.
The only reasons for the cvsc package to fail to retrieve/update files (off the top of my head):

1) Your working directory has a sticky tag
2) Your system time is out of sync with the server
3) You are not setting the necessary options for the update command.
4) You are not sending the CVS entries to the server during your invocation.
My first guess is that there are permission errors on the directories involved.
This is a JVM Version error.
Your JVM is older than the one that the war file was compiled with.
Please update the JVM to 1.5 or try to recompile the webapp with your JVM's java compiler.
Sounds like a directory permission error to me.
You see this when you try to deploy jCVS Web webapp?
Dear jCVS Forum Users,

Again, the spammers have proven to be the vermin of our virtual world.

As I am sure many noticed, spammers have been posting unbelievable quantities of spam to our forums.

As always, the losers make things worse for everyone. To wit, I must disable the ability of the Anonymous user to post messages. Frankly, I expect it won't be long before I will need to update JForum to add Captcha to the registration process. We will see.

So, in future, you will need to register if you wish to post a new topic or reply.

My apologies,
You cannot "Add A Directory" in CVS. The concept of directories does not exist in CVS revisioning. Please refer to the many discussions of this on the net. It is one reason that many folks move to SVN, which make directories "revisioned objects".

The only way to get a new directory into a CVS repository is to ADD A FILE. The directory in which the file exists, if it does not already exist in the repository, is created automatically.

If you review the code for the Add File function in jCVS II, you will see that there is no special handling, but in the CVSClient code, there is some effort to ensure that the directory is properly identified in the protocol exchange, since it is new and does not yet exist in the CVS entries hierarchy.
Please post jCVSWeb threads to the JCVSWeb forum.

Your problem might be that the release you have is not compiled against the com.ice.cvsc package that supports CVSNT. Please try to upgrade to the latest 1.4.3 JCVSWeb to see if the problem persists.
Off the top of my head, you might change the login.jsp page to redirect to the url you wish. Or a change to the struts configuration could accomplish it easier. Or an alias in your httpd server config.
Done. Will be in 1.4.4.
Please try JCVSWeb 1.4.3. just released.

That is correct. This flag sets the "handleEntries" flag in CVSREquest, which in turn controls the call to the writeAdminFiles() method in CVSProject, for those coding the hard way.
Your points are perfectly valid. The original version was written more than a decade ago, so things have certainly changed since then. I will see if I can overload some methods in the next release to accomodate Streams.

These are errors attempting to write protocol bytes to the server. Therefore, it is not a temp dir issue, or a local file permissions issue.

Is it possible that the Windows XP firewall is involved here?

Otherwise, the CVS server is deciding to drop your connection, and I would look to those server logs for a clue.
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