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<p>or newspaper cover. Also need to avoid temperature changes, such as indoor humidity is less than 40%, the temperature should be properly increased, such as humidity greater than 100%, you need to use the pace of wetting. In the increasingly intense competition in the international market, who grasp the standard, who has the right to </p>
<p>speak, who masters the commanding heights of competition. It is reported that by the living home floor, nature home, David floor and other Chinese enterprises to participate in the development of ISO17959: 2014 'General requirements for solid wood flooring' has been published and published a few days ago, which means that after </p>
<p>years of sharpening, China solid wood flooring in the international Finally achieved from the sale of products to sell gorgeous standards turned. Have more say in the international market 'General requirements for solid wood flooring' is the first international standard in the global forestry industry. The International Organization for </p>
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<p>technology, are all wood flooring brands can be subject to different consumer groups choose favorite. Originally from the local wooden floor brand, is relying on its own advantages and continue to accumulate experience in the international market to open their hands and feet, to occupy their own place. Wood flooring to seize the market </p>
<p>The third step: Innovative product development to please consumers in detail In the domestic wood flooring market, some wood flooring brand introverted, with its own rich design and manufacturing experience, innovative product development, In various parts of the world. Today's consumers are more willing to pay for quality and </p>
<p>service, began to pay attention to and understand the meaning of the details, which rooted in the domestic wood flooring brands, they easily get the favor of consumers. All in all, exquisite details, solid technology, excellent quality and international design are the necessary conditions for traditional wood flooring brands to withstand the test in </p>
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<p>the home improvement of the floor, return to the ecological, close to the natural style, and meet the heating needs of the geothermal floor will emerge. To meet the comfort of the human body, the value of solid wood flooring back to the mainstream choose the early rise in the wood flooring, due to technical constraints, solid wood flooring due </p>
<p>to poor stability, care and maintenance cumbersome and other reasons, gradually being excluded from mainstream options, the market share Strengthen the floor, laminate flooring and other alternatives to squeeze. However, despite its underestimation of the value of solid wood flooring for some time, its near-natural, healthy and human-</p>
<p>quirk-seeking features have not been forgotten. Some leading companies are still sticking to R \u0026 D of hardwood floors in the noisy market Transformation, spare no effort to promote the solid wood floor market position return. With more than 30 years experience in R \u0026 D and manufacture of solid wood flooring, Lianfeng </p>
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The new King Building Materials City, the Oriental homes, and the old Jiang Building Materials City, the League of Nations Building Materials City, Alishan Building, but also still occupy a place in the building materials market in Xiamen. According to industry estimates,
this building materials, "Warring States Seven Heroes" probably accounted for the city's building materials market share of more than 8 percent. Building materials business profits slim seam survival "In fact, do not like to do the building materials, furniture,
profit margins, Xiamen island shop now rent so expensive, we can protect the business is not bad." Talk about the living conditions of small building materials stores, Taiwan Street, a Zhang wood floor shop owner feel deeply. He told reporters that with the gradual formation of Jiangtou Commerce Center,
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<p>North America. Slightly common sense people will know that Siberia and North America, is the world's only two best wood origin, the output of wood with soft texture, rich sense of art, soft and hard wood, durable and easy processing and so on. Sports wooden floor feel very comfortable, jumped to the ground down, you will not feel </p>
<p>your feet were shocked numb, exercise noise will be small, so the solid wood sports flooring is all basketball, volleyball, badminton hall or stage Excellent ground decoration materials. In the spring of March, Arbor Day quietly. 'Green Living' has always been an indispensable topic among parents. Improve the quality of life, many </p>
<p>consumers pay more and more attention to the health and environmental protection of household products. The concept of low-carbon environment has also been spread. At present, the floor has become a closely related household product that people can not leave, which largely reflects the improvement of people's quality of life. It has </p>
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<p>further improvement of law enforcement management. In recent years, home improvement products including flooring have been the hot category of consumer rights protection, and cases of complaints related to flooring and other products have also occurred frequently. 3.15 business crackdown on business man-made board, the high </p>
<p>level of formaldehyde emissions, which endanger the health of consumers, posing as other brands generate illegal floors and other issues, flooring businesses should take warning. Floor companies should also consciously maintain product quality and safety, do a good job in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, </p>
<p>establish their own brand of flooring prestige and good image. The pursuit of quality in the global international Today, the increasingly fierce competition in the flooring market, the quality of flooring companies increasingly obvious importance, the level of product quality is the core of the enterprise there is no manifestation of one; improve </p>
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<p>oak What are the advantages? 1, temperament. In France, most of the famous wineries' red wine cellars and the palace's royal palaces are mostly made of oak wood. Therefore, the oak began to exist in the aristocracy and was inherently noble and representative of wealth and status. 2, material. French oak because of its different growth </p>
<p>conditions, compared to other oak material is more delicate, better stability, not deformed. Fidelity Chinese solid wood flooring brand 5G lock technology with the French oak floor more direct installation of geothermal. 3, shape. French oak wood grain smooth, meticulous, the details of the performance is perfect, elegant color and beautiful, </p>
<p>fragrant wood smell, is the oak in the 'value of the bear', in addition, French oak is also more live knot, after careful decoration can be more prominent Ingenuity, to achieve more beautiful results. The well-known solid wood flooring Fidelity, the choice is represented by the international trend of French oak. 4, unique. Fodeley's French oak </p>
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depart together 104% with 197% . Basically have downy yellow Tan Mu into condition lumber breed board of wood of black wingceltis of square, Africa, broad Xie Huangtan, pallet repair slats teak, basically come from country and the district such as Belize, Malaysia, Panama, Romania. Guangzhou discrepancy condition examines agency of harbor of quarantine bureau

new wind finishs measurement check feet to work in swiftly ground, ensure efficient close while, scale of epidemic situation of lumber of the lumber that is aimed at ground of light weight durable tiles for rooftop patio different entrance origin, calendar year entrance is relative higher variety, analyse its deeply to affect the factor that takes border security, locate potential risk

spot, aggrandizement quarantine and mildew proof composite decking 12 follow-up are superintended, safety of biology of safeguard country door and entrance lumber quality are safe, before this year in July in all check gives harmful live thing 80 batch. Guangzhou examines quarantine bureau sustainable wood decking COC certificate clew is relevant enterprise, want to do good precaution to carry vivid biologic idea
<p>economy, after 80,90 has become the mainstream consumer groups in the wood flooring market, such consumer groups rely on the Internet a greater degree, the choice of consumer products in the strange, the habit of reference to the Internet-related information, and not Avoid consumption related data generated in the terminal. Therefore, </p>
<p>considering all factors, from the point of view of consumers' choice of floor products, under the new normal economic development, the role of terminal data assets of wood flooring enterprises is imperative. The current status of the wood flooring industry coincided with the new normal economic development strategy At present, the cost </p>
<p>of wood flooring is high, and the pressure of production capacity, stock pressure and the return on investment have become the problems of development. Some enterprises due to the production system is difficult to cope with the needs of many varieties and small quantities of the market demand highlights, resulting in many wood </p>
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sheet again. Agency report,resin plastic wood slats for garden bench as a result of current and hard during, the hope can be mixed purchase business to cross difficulty in all together. Because this is medium,fine board price is followed row with respect to city, nonfeasance is long-term and effective. Show level, guangdong market 1220 × of 2440 × the fine in 9mm board board

businessman quote 42-46 yuan / piece. composite shutters for kitchen Man-made board dealer shows, near future environmental protection is severe check strength to be increased continuously, each segment that man-made board produces are pounded, together with produces material and supply of Pvc Wood Outdoor Flooring Reviews goods to be not stabilized, manufacturer puts forward to rise in price for many

times, current and overall go up in 1-2 yuan / piece. Nevertheless also the businessman expresses, at present although man-made board rises in price to make a trend already, Faux Exterior Wood Decking Pavers but area of and other places of Shanghai, Sichuan did not change apparently it seems that, next market level goes situation the observation that how still needs
<p>environmentally friendly, healthier and more eco-friendly, and I hope we will be one such company in the future. '' Innovating in development and developing in innovation.<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/flooring/1105.html'>refinishing outdoor porch floor</a> Strong, we have to climb the pinnacle of the world's wood products industry. 'On the corporate website, the reporter saw such rhetoric. 'Riding the Waves will sometimes, straight clouds Yunfan sea,' Chaoyang Far East Wood is booming development,plastic weather resistant screening for privacy forward. Hengyi parquet flooring free ninth floor in Shanghai International Building Materials and Pavement Technology Expo 12 provinces and autonomous regions signed the general agent to become the biggest winner of the show </p>
<p>full return, the recent win again chase shares to buy a professional laminate flooring manufacturers - Wuhan Phillip Wood Industry, continue its never satisfied,<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/panel/2530.html'>cheap fencing design</a> persistent innovation, set foot on the floor to explore ways to strengthen innovation. Hengyi floor by the Shanghai Mu Yao Wood Products International Trade Co., Ltd. from integration, the company already has solid wood flooring, family sports parquet,decorative cattle panel fence Parquet three series. The successful acquisition of Phillip Wood Co., Ltd., a manufacturer that mainly produces laminate flooring, indicates that the Company has entered into the laminate flooring industry strongly and completed the company's </p>
<p>overall layout in solid wood flooring, parquet flooring and laminate flooring. At the signing ceremony of shares held by both parties, Felix Wood General Manager Wu Qi and Zhang Yiwu,<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/pvc-fence/131.html'>wood deck 45 degree balcony support</a> the general manager of Hengyi Flooring, both said that the successful conclusion of this joint project between Wuhan Phillip Wood and Hengyi Flooring is to get better and faster in the future The development is a win-win good thing.oil based pacific redwood penetrating stain and sealer Zhang Hongwu, general manager also said it will fully absorb Philip Wood in the field of strengthening the floor of the rich experience, the next step will also expand the original capacity, the development of new products, new processes, </p>
<p>This is officially established in 2005, put into operation in June 2006 Heilongjiang Far East Wood Co., Ltd.. Ten years of tempered tempered. From several to hundreds of floor varieties,<a href='http://decks-decking.com/panel/2228.html'>labor for composite decking</a> Far East Wood chairman Sun Huigang led his team has experienced rapid development period, the company has passed ISO9001 certification, the European market access certification (CE certification), FSC / COC International Forest Management Commission chain of custody certification, has won the famous brand in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City brand-name products trusted the quality of the country,quick cap resurfacing deck system the leading forestry enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, </p>
<p>Harbin forestry leading enterprises and many other enterprises, and was named the national high-tech enterprises . Create credibility with sincerity, casting quality with the brand.<a href='http://decks-decking.com/panel/5556.html'>termite resistant kit homes for the caribbean</a> Today Far East Wood has become one of the most competitive flooring manufacturers in China. Sales of European and American products favored In the Far East Wood exhibition hall, the reporter saw a 4.5 meters long,wood exterior cladding materials for sale in kerala 0.4 meters wide and large floor specifications, this product represents the international fashion trends, at present there are only a few companies in the country to produce, and this The oversize specification also represents the deep processing capability </p>
<p>of an enterprise. Far East Wood products hit the floor monthly 50,000 to 80,000 square meters, of which 80% are exported to Europe and the United States. At that time, the Far East Wood was first established.<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/pvc-fence/1179.html'>how to build wooden slat screens</a> The consumer groups it faces are Europe and the United States. Therefore, the quality of the floor meets the aesthetic standards of Europe and the United States. 'The supply of foreign and domestic products,composite wood fence panels made in the usa although the production process is strictly enforced in Germany DIN280 industrial standards, is the most advanced level, but the surface looks very different.' Far East Wood's staff Li Zhen with a reporter to visit When the company's </p>

<p>wooden model floor is likely everybody has had seen, be in a park commonly or stadium house has, but everybody may be right the specific data of wooden model floor understands not quite,cheap composite deck railing Ghana here small make up introduce for everybody. </p>
<p>Brief introduction of wooden model floor: </p>
<p>Wooden model floor is model of a kind of new-style environmental protection wood composite material product, the timber that produces in process of beaverboard of aborning, high density is phenolic,hollow pvc board for sale Tanzania join reworked plastics to pass model of wood of make it of the equipment that build bead composite material, undertake squeezing birth yield floor board of model of wood of group make it next. </p>

<p>1, plasticity of wooden model floor is strong</p>
<p>The real wood floor on very traditional sense is different, the plasticity of wooden model floor is very strong, can come true easily that is to say everybody is mixed to the demand of floor design fixed position.cheap high density polyethylene decking boards A lot of brands rolled out design of of all kinds and floor of formative wood model now, because this is in plasticity respect, the one large dominant position that also is wooden model floor. </p>
<p>2, wooden model floor is insect-resistant prevent termite</p>
<p>Real wood floor besides be afraid that water is afraid of tide beyond, still have a deadly drawback, that fears namely of insect and termite erode. Insect-resistant nevertheless prevent termite the one big advantage that this respect also is wooden model floor,plastic composite decking end caps because this everybody is in installation and process of floor of use wood model,need not worry about a floor to meet because of termite erode, shorten life. </p>
<p>quagmire of the quagmire. However, as a whole, the wood flooring industry is still in a subordinate and passive position in the market competition, no matter in the output or production of the products Links are still in the manufacturing process of the low-end value chain. In addition to a small number of wooden flooring corporate brand in </p>
<p>the national market have a certain influence, most of the wood floor brand awareness is not high, brand building backward, in terms of exports is only low output. Overall, the lack of high-end brand building in China's wood flooring companies, we can see that today's wood flooring market is not lack of wood flooring products, the lack of </p>
<p>good, high-end wood flooring brands. Although the wood flooring market is in a difficult situation, enterprises should actively face the challenges, innovate their products and technologies, strive to raise the brand's own value, and take the unscrupulous reform heart to successfully break through the immediate dilemma. In the new normal </p>
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will also receive a "home dreamer" lottery, a chance to win a cash prize of 4,999 yuan. Special Note Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, dreamer Organizing Committee Distinguished experts in the industry in Bomei Simon, too upstairs at the same time hold "Relief Home Improvement Classroom" to facilitate.
the recent home improvement needs owners promptly tutoring the necessary knowledge of home improvement, good for the decoration Fully prepared, please bring ID card and layout plans to go, the scene will also be issued dreamer registration voucher card, in order to obtain the contract after the 1880 yuan gift.
Recently, the reporter went to Zhongbang International Decoration Plaza and found that the second phase of Zhongbang International Construction Project located behind Zhongbang International Decoration Plaza has basically taken shape. Some of the facades have shown a beautiful appearance.
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