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i would like to open the login page with the address http://localhost:portnumber/login.jsp. how to specify the path to the login.jsp file in the <welcome-file> tag of web.xml?? i would appreciate if somebody could send a code snippet to open the required file directly from the browser.
Migrated from 1.01 to 1.41. A good impression. One small problem can be fixed in index.jsp
Redirect URL in a form below can be more reliable:

How to connect through SSH connection method using a port diferent from the ssh default port 22. For example, port 1234 ?

Suppose I have a SSH host with a SSH port changed to 1234 or using a firewall masquareding forwarding from 1234 to 22 in that host.

Thanks for any help!

fields must be separated by colon (:) not by semicolon (;)

MK (forget disable smilies)
fields must be separated by colon ( not by semicolon (

The same happend for me. Changed to use java 1.5.0-06 to run jcvsii. No problems anymore.

hey all, i am having a bit of trouble.

i always get the following error.

java.io.IOException: could not parse project specification, ERROR Root directory spec ':pserver;username=infjvza;hostname=las-bru-181:/previkmo' is invalid (server not 'server' or 'pserver').
at com.ice.cvsc.CVSProject.openProject(CVSProject.java:2580)
at logparser.Parser.instanceMain(Parser.java:46)
at logparser.Parser.main(Parser.java:17)

the project is an existing cvs map witch was checked out using wincvs.?

I'm totally new in this so my appologies if I ask some stupid questions.
I have just finished a project and as a good programmer I now want to place the files online. I have worked with tortoiseSVN but now I'm looking for a CVS to put into my tomcat.
I have used the JCVS WEB which works great. Only (and this is a user problem I know), I can't connect. Ex. I have made a testproject on the jcvs web account http://www.jcvs.org/jcvsweb/
projectname: NB my test project
I also made a view.
Now I have downloaded and opened jCVSII
I was trying to run the checkout which gives me following error:
The CVS Request failed.
Failed to open the socket to connect to cvs server '22@jcvs.org'
could not create SSH connection for '22@jcvs.org'--> could not bind socket between 1025-1152 locally

Does someone have a tutorial for dummy's??
Any help is appriciated.
Do I need a client or is there a possibility to make a CVS web based?

I think this 'll also help others as the test server is full of demo projects with only a few working ok.
Hi Guys,

I've hard time finding out good blackbox repository framework to use in one of the assignments. I looked up several CVS libraries including JCVS, the one in eclipse and several clones of it.

I've a minimal framework ready with me, which is very simple to configure and ready to use without the user having any understanding of CVS whatsoever, as long as he can make sense of what check-in, check-out etc means he can easily use the framework, Also the framework is flexible enough to add more functionaliy.

I want to introduce the project on SF.net next week, just wanted to know if my usage of JCVS as dependency will violate any of licence terms , as the project will be LGPL itself, i'm not very good at making sense of intricacies of licenses.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Nirav Thaker
Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-in http://fjep.sf.net

PS: This work is for those hundreds of developers like me who panic when they find working with CVS hard and frustrating.
how can i add directorie? what is the difference to add a file ?
please help thanks
i used this code, but there is some problem with the commit. what is flase in this code. please give the missed lines of code if possible
hello evry body
i have problem to commit a file
can you send me an example source code
Anonymous wrote:There is also another IO exception earlier on

java.io.IOException: The pipe is being closed
at java.io.FileOutputStream.writeBytes(Native Method)
at java.io.FileOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)
at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flushBuffer(Unknown Source)
at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
at com.ice.cvsc.CVSClient.sendLine(CVSClient.java:3089)
at com.ice.cvsc.CVSClient.sendCVSRootDirectory(CVSClient.java:33
at com.ice.cvsc.CVSClient.processCVSRequest(CVSClient.java:1455)
Why don't you provide a documentation for JCVSWeb 1.4.1?
I have the same problem, and I haven't checked out a branch or tag. If a file I already have is changed, I receive the new version, but if new files have been created, they are not "seen" by jCVS (I checked with the Eclipse CVS plugin, the new files are there...)

I am using SSH connection, if it helps. I'm attaching the code I'm using right now... (it's a modified version of the JCVSUpdate code)


private void instanceMain( String[] args ) throws Exception {

String passWord = "lab";
String module = "cvstest";

String localDirectory =
CVSCUtilities.stripFinalSeparator( JCVSConstants.ROOT_DIR ) + "/" + module;

File wdFile = new File( localDirectory );

// Open the project (local working directory)
CVSClient client = new CVSClient();
CVSProject project = new CVSProject( client );
project.openProject( wdFile );

System.err.println( "Project has been opened." );

// The password is not saved...
project.setPassword( passWord );

// I had to set this -- checked out with port 22, but on opening
// the project it fell back to 2401
project.setConnectionPort( CVSClient.DEFAULT_SSH_PORT );

project.setTempDirectory( JCVSConstants.TMP_DIR );

CVSRequest request = new CVSRequest();

// The "command spec" you see below, "update:a:EAUFP:ctdeou:",
// is fully documented in the CVSCommandSpec.html file
// in doc/manual/dev/ in the jCVS II distribution, as
String statusCommand = "update:a:EAUFP:deou:";
if ( !request.parseControlString( statusCommand ) ) {
System.err.println( "Could not parse command specification '" + statusCommand + "'" );

// We need to add the CVSEntrys that describe the files in
// our working directory.
CVSEntry rootEntry = project.getRootEntry();
System.err.println( "ROOT: " + rootEntry );

CVSEntryVector entries = new CVSEntryVector();
JCVSUtils.addProjectEntries( entries, rootEntry );
request.setEntries( entries );

request.setArguments( new CVSArgumentVector() ); // No arguments

// Once you are confident of the code, you can turn these off.
request.traceRequest = true;
request.traceResponse = true;
request.traceTCPData = true;
request.traceProcessing = true;

CVSTestUI ui = new CVSTestUI();
request.setUserInterface( ui );

CVSResponse response = new CVSResponse();

// NOTE That now we have a CVSProject to help us along. We
// will let the code there setup CVSClient and CVSRequest
// for us, relieving us of all of that work we had to do in
// the checkout code.
boolean reqOk = project.performCVSRequest( request, response );
if ( reqOk ) {
boolean respOk = project.processCVSResponse( request, response );
System.err.println( "respOk == " + respOk );
System.err.println( response.getResultText() );
} else {
System.err.println( "FAILED to perform cvs request." );

// NOTE, You MUST make a call to CVSProject.writeAdminFile() ANY
// time that you perform an operation that modifies the CVSEntrys
// in the project, including "update", "ci", and other commands.


} // main()

The output is as follows. File "arquivo11.txt" has been updated (and I had checked it out before). But there are two other files, "/outraraiz.txt" and "/dir1/x2.txt", which were ignored...

Note also that the module name (cvstest) appears twice in the path "D:\tmp\testjcvs\root\cvstest\cvstest\dir1\dir11\arquivo11.txt". Is this correct?

Project has been opened.
ROOT: [ ./,D/.//// ]
CVSEntry: ./cvstest/.project
CVSEntry: ./cvstest/raiz.txt
CVSEntry: ./cvstest/dir1/arquivo1.txt
CVSEntry: ./cvstest/dir1/arquivo2.txt
CVSEntry: ./cvstest/dir1/dir11/arquivo11.txt
Opening server '22@eolio.cit'...
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (com.sshtools.j2ssh.transport.cipher.SshCipherFactory).
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
Negotiating cvs protocol...
Sending command request, 'update'...
Reading server response...
Updated existing local file 'D:\tmp\testjcvs\root\cvstest\cvstest\dir1\dir11\arquivo11.txt'.
Closing CVS server connection.
Command completed with 'ok' status.

** The command completed successfully.
respOk == true
U ./cvstest/dir1/dir11/arquivo11.txt
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