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Messages posted by: time
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I have not had the time to investigate subversion. So I do not know what effort
is required to support it. I hope to look into it someday, but I have no
definite plans at this time.
There is no way for you, as a user, to set this.
I will need to fix the code and issue a new release.
The jCVS II application is a GPL license.

The com.ice.cvsc package (which is all you need to develop CVS enabled client
programs) is currently an LGPL license. In the very near future, the
com.ice.cvsc package will be released under a simpler BSD-style OS license, to
accomodate some who panic at the LGPL.
Ok. I have found the bug.
I was not properly setting the host authentication processor.
I will try to release an update in the next week to fix it.
Thanks for the bug report!
There is no such feature built into jCVS Servlet. You must implement this
feature at the "http server" level.
The jcvsweb is designed as a "portal" with login feature. However, the site
works with a "guest login" at all times.

The first release does not implement the "restricted project" feature, but it
will be added very very soon, since I need it for my own needs. This will allow
you to say that a project can only be viewed by a logged-in user with given
permissions to view the project.

So, yes, very soon. Most likely the second release.
You should wait for the jCVS Web project to be released in the next two weeks.

The jCVSweb app allows you to define "views" inside of "projects". Each project
represents a "host / cvsroot" combination. Each view represents a "module / tag"
combination. Each project can define multiple views. I think you can see how
this precisely supports your request.

More importantly, all of the configuration is now done in the app using
webpages. Never again will you need to look at a config file!

What the news forum for the announcement.
The jcvsweb is built to drive jcvs.org, but will be available as open source.
The most common problems with using the com.ice.cvsc package is getting the CVS
Entries right and getting the settings in the CVSRequest right. The best way to
determine the problem is to trace your operation and the same operation in the
jCVS II application. The differences in the two traces will often tell you where
your problem lies.

Can you describe the problem specifically?
Depending on the version, jCVS Servlet should have no trouble being built using
the ant build script. There are several dependencies, which must be addressed in
the ant script. If you posted a couple of the errors, I might be able to point
out what needs to the changed.

However, jCVS Servlet is about to be orphaned, and you may not wish to invest
too much time with it. The replacement for the servlet will be a more full
featured struts webapp. I hope to have it installed on the website within the
next two weeks.
You should also look into the JavaScripts provided in com/ice/jcvsii/javascript.
Here is a code snippet from jcvsweb to checkout a view. I hope there is
something in there what will help you.

The secret to invoking vi is that you cannot invoke it directly, as vi expects
to be run "inside" of an existing terminal (i.e., ncurses wants to write to and
read from /dev/tty or its equivalent).

What you need to do is invoke 'xterm -e' with the appropriate parameters, which
will open an xterm, which provides the terminal in which vi will run.
The update revision is determined by the project's 'corev' parameter. In other
words, once a project is checked out, its version is set by the sticky tag that
the checkout set. You will need to define a new project or checkout the old
project again after you have changed its 'corev' parameter.
I am not sure what you are asking for.

The cvs server application provides the server side of the client/server
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