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Messages posted by: slidinggatetrack
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He began to pursue Julie, who was friendly and nice but definitely wasn t worshipping him (or at least didn t act like it.
One of them was if James wanted to go out drinking with his friends Sliding Gate Wheel and show up at her house later to stay the night, that was OK, but if he wasn t at her house by 9 p. I let her do the pursuing in this case. Because I ll tell you what, if they don t meet your standards out of the gate, it is only going to get worse.

Well one day James was introduced to a mutual friend of ours, whom I ll call Julie. See who does capture his attention and remember it works both ways. Well (and this was before cell phones) by 12:10 she had not called and guess what? I was out the door. He dated several women at once and they always fell in love with him. That is ridiculous. James was intrigued. Stop right now. Here is a scenario that is flip flopped a little bit, with the man dating women who feel lucky he gives them the time of day. After all, they were fair expectations and showed Julie respected herself enough to not put up with any of his shenanigans. She told me she was busy until lunchtime on Sunday and then she would call me to arrange where we could meet.

I once knew a guy I ll call James who made the women crazy.

For instance, once a girl wanted to go out with me.

He had never been given restrictions in anything he did. Well Julie didn t appear to fall for his charms right away, but had fun being goofy and silly with him. He drove them completely wild.Some of you out there Post Cap have had some bad raps with women, have had a rough time of it and aren t really sure if you re worthy of a good woman because you ve just had a string of bad luck. Julie wouldn t put up with his behavior for one second.
Well, I ll tell you what, he quickly decided to toe the line. What ends up happening is that you start feeling grateful for any woman who will look your way. But he is not interested in them.
If I had waited around, it would have showed that I would tolerate someone who was late, who I could not count on.

Here s another example of dating with dignity., he could sleep there, but she wasn t going to have sex with him.

If you are dating someone or contemplating dating them, lay down the law right away about what you will put up with and what you won t.

So you need to go into the relationship expecting to be treated with dignity and not like you are lucky to be dating at all.
James, who had his way for years, stringing women along and basically putting his friends first before anyone he was dating, had an awakening. You and every other man who isn t a psychopath or total Jackhole deserves someone who will treat you like the rockstar you are inside. Gone.)

Before too long, James and Julie were an item.
Imagine all the women who were astounded to find out that less than a year after they began dating, James and Julie were getting married.

She set up rules for the relationship. Not reachable and not interested.m. The problem was he never fell for any of them.
If you think that you deserve a lot of money, money will flow into your life easily. It could be the golden opportunity for you to climb further. The Law Of Universal Influence - Remember, there is an energy around us, it influences us and everything around us.

5. The Law Of Magnetism - This is all about how you feel and think about yourself. The Law Of Synchronization- The universe is more than willing to give whatever you desire. What is your interest or passion? Under this law you will get what you want, something that you truly desire.

2.Perhaps you have heard about the 7 laws of attraction, but what is your level of understanding? Good, if your answer is "not sure", because I will explain to you one by one and step by step. And of course every positive or negative energy that you send out will have a great impact in your life as well as those people around you.. If you do, grab it.


The seven laws of attraction is actually the main key for you to open the gate to the world of success and freedom. Keep an unwavering faith that what you ask for will come before you. If you think you don't deserve a beautiful partner, you will get an ugly partner. The Law Of Delicate Harmony - Give your self sometime for the seed that you plant in yourself to sprout. Sliding gate track The only thing you need to do is to align yourself with the universe and always be harmony with it.. It has been wiped out by the surrounding factors such as your upbringing life. Our thought is also an energy. The Law Of Unwavering Desire - It is so important for you to uncover your real or true desire. So choose carefully the things you want to think and say. It accepts everything as true, provided that you believe. When you have a positive thought you will send a positive energy out to the universe and when you have a negative thought you will send a negative energy to the universe. Whatever you create in your mind, you will create the reality of it. Under this law, whatever that is brought into your reality is all originated from your thought, be it negative or positive. So, Post Cap what are the seven laws?:

Don't worry about your future just yet. The desire that I'm talking about is something in you since you were born.

It is your birth right. Don't justify in number of weeks or months.

Do one step at a time. The Law Of Conscience Action - Always open yourself to opportunities. Just ask and you will get. It doesn't differentiate between good or bad. If you hold the key, your power to attract whatever you desire is really unstoppable. As simple as that. Learn and understand the value of patience.

It is burning deep inside you that you are not aware of it. Be grateful with what you have now and just enjoy yourself in this wonderful journey. One way to find out is to ask yourself this question. You like it or not, this is how the universe works. When an opportunity present itself, ask yourself, how do you feel about it? Do you feel excited and enthusiastic about it. The Law Of Manifestation - Under this law, whatever you think, believe and where you put your focus, faith and feeling will manifest.
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