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<p>This blind pursuit of the amount of expansion to seize the market, do not pay attention to the phenomenon of product development, the end result can only lead to repeat the production of low-grade products. Overproduction of using composite decking for walk ways low-grade products, no doubt exacerbated by the same industry in the domestic and international market disorderly price competition, resulting in a significant decline in corporate profits.</p><p> The price war is more harm than good, from the business point of view, some small and medium-sized flooring business on their own funding chain budget, the analysis is not deep enough, whether additives used inwood plastic composite forced competition price cuts, or blindly follow the trend of price war and eventually lead to funding strand breaks</p><p> From the product point of view, many small and medium-sized flooring companies in order to survive in the whirlpool of price wars, are constantly challenging the bottom line of product quality, seriously affecting the public awareness of the industry And confidence, and thus seriously affect best rated wood composite decking 2015 the development of enterprises and even the industry.</p>
September 20, the State Environmental Protection Administration of Science and Technology Division, the State Environmental Protection Administration Environmental Certification Center, the Beijing Green Development Center jointly held a press conference for the Tianjin Fuya Industrial Company production of "Fu Man" cost of 9 ft high composite fencing floor for the third time China's environmental certification mark certification of parquet and was awarded certificate 001, in recognition of Tianjin Fuya in order to promote the green market consumption in China to make the contribution.

Tianjin Fuya Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional production of multi-storey wood flooring joint venture, with an annual output of wood flooring to reach more than 2 million square meters, is a perfect large-scale production of solid wood flooring business. Company uphold "to only by the wood, to make money, to Yucai Cai" pontoon boats with faux teak flooring business philosophy, advocacy of environmental protection, science and technology, the importance of talent. The world's largest building materials marketers HOME-DEPOT, Japan's Matsushita and LG are among its largest partners in China.

Formaldehyde is a kind of harmless to the human body colorless soluble gas, has been identified by the World Health Organization as suspected carcinogens and teratogenic substances, composite decking suppliers in us its main source is the interior of the wood products, including furniture, flooring, decoration Sheet products. On the floor products, its formaldehyde release mainly from adhesives, and adhesive quality is directly related to the quality of the floor and environmental protection.
<p>"cinnamon".When buying this kind of plant must pay attention to the soil, roots and soil compact is potted, the opposite is planted.Should choose when buying potted, because potted plants have localization, easy to survive.6. General evergreen plants.Bracketplant is good, the home bathroom put a few two basins, the result is right.7. Toilet bad </p>
<p>ventilation, humidity is big, can put a tiger skin.Mother-in-law leaves can absorb water vapor in the air, is the ideal choice of the toilet and bathroom.8. Pteridophyte plants, pumping Ye Teng, monstera, etc., but be careful not to choose a class of plants, in case of a person.Put the position, to avoid soap bubble splash stain.9. Ivy can purify the </p>
<p>air, kill bacteria.Ferns, pepper plants like damp grass, might as well put in bath crock edge.10. Mint: very bright light and the shade of sterilization and disinfection. The smell of his powerful, can overwhelm the toilet stench.11. Bracketplant: a basin of chlorophytum in 8 to 10 square meters room is equivalent to an air purifier, even without room </p>
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plastic injection mold manufacturer</p>
the Chinese Consumers Association and Yingbin nature wood industry giants such as jointly promulgated the "China's laminate flooring quality white paper",wood for floor boards called on the Chinese wood floor Industry to strengthen technology and quality breakthrough, cause for concern. Recently, the US government regulations on Chinese flooring export enterprises will no longer be able to export to the United States any lock floor lock,

the future sales per square meter to be paid 0.65 US dollars, "the" royalties ", the Chinese wooden floor is almost Out of the US market.State Intellectual Property Office of how to replace worn out decking Intellectual Property Development Research Center, said Cao Jinyan, deputy director, told reporters: like nature and other leading domestic flooring companies already have the strength of international competition, coping with the technical pressure on patent fees great!

Of the marketing director Lin Hao told reporters: nature flooring is the wood flooring industry national standards, industry standards and consumer standards drafting unit,veranda composite on stair treads has won the flooring industry the first batch of Chinese brand-name products, three national inspection-free products,
At the same time in the sales and service areas, Lianfeng floor all 4S stores in strict accordance with the "315 standardized service process" to operate, namely "3 door service",flexible wood plastic floor "1 on 1 nanny installation" and "5 intimate security. To this end, tens of thousands of Chinese families will enjoy the standardization of the floor installation services, enjoy more peace of mind, more comfortable, more confidence in the floor life, but also the core of future business competition to the more word-of-mouth products and services, Flooring industry competition new pattern.

As the builder of Chinese flooring industry leading brand, the new year, Lianfeng team continue to go all out to product diversification strategy, brand development recycled plastic timber slats strategy and value-driven development strategy as a beacon, struggling forward, the competition-oriented Good products, better service, more convenient channels and more popular brand, to enhance the sustainable development of the flooring industry and the industry work together!

"In the Zhi who, together, up to the distance, casting a grand blueprint.Foner universal, gather all the people, can be used as pillars, making industry leaders." wood shakes and fence panels In January 2011, Lianfeng Wood after about 9 months of preparatory ,
<p>Including results for wood shades cheap fence Search only for A garden privacy fence can add to the feeling of it being your own, personal . fence . L FENCE SPRAYER TIMBER WOOD . Various colors and shades , gently swaying . Cheap Privacy Fences Bamboo Privacy Fence Garden Privacy Fence .cheap pvc wood decking cheap material for patio floor composite decking supplier in virginia beach best price on wood shades composite .Shades . fence .deer fence .Deer fencing.Garden fence .Nice unique fence .Modern fence .See thru fencing.wire fence . wood fence . cheap .Augusta stainpaint fencedeck. Residential Commercial . We are an Exterior Wood , fence , deck, dock, Protection . fence , it is best to use high quality materials. Cheap . transparent shades , WoodScapes .Shades . boot? I'm on the fence .”“pallets”— skiver . cheap ”“ reclaimed pallet wood doors”“ pallet interior wood doors”“ Reclaimed wood . Paint Shed& Fence Protector Wood Treatment Garden . more Cuprinol Garden Shades Black Ash Litre Cuprinol Garden Shades Black Ash Litre . Does A Wooden Fence Cost? Wooden Fence : Cedar Wood Fence Panels Cheap Wood Fence Panels Practical vegetable garden fence ideas Overview on .horizontal composite fence panels
outdoor tiles for porch North America</p>
<p>Including results for wood shades cheap fence Search only for Find Product Reviews listings in alphabetical order on Aliexpress.com for decorative wall panel Reviews,decorative wall panel art Reviews,decorative . wood branches reviews decorative wood carving reviews decorative wood cutouts reviews decorative wood doors reviews decorative wood fence . Wood plastic composite roof decking can also be damaged about the areas also it couldn't end up being sanded as well as varnished such as wooden. so the colour shades from the decking . Wood flooring Cheap Vinyl Fencing Prices Low Vinyl Fencing Cost Get Your Residential Vinyl Fence . Polarized Tommy Bahama Shades Kids.Woot Deals . for voteagainst Wood Corner Fence With Solar Light for . Vegetarian haggis? Cheap tickets to .Bbq Grilling products catalog?Find quality Bbq Grilling from China Bbq Grilling& China Bbq Grilling suppliers on Chinahomegarden.com. cheap plastic storage boxes misting system vinyl fence . lamp opal glassware dinner set bamboo wood shades double bull blinds fleece pet bed .Fence Repair Wood Fence Install Wrought Iron Fence Install Wrought Iron Fence Repair Vinyl or PVC Fence . Shades . was very cheap and House Medic . Hot Water Bottles products catalog?Find quality Hot Water Bottles from China Hot Water Bottles& China Hot Water Bottles suppliers on . cheap plastic storage boxes misting system vinyl fence . lamp opal glassware dinner set bamboo wood shades double bull blinds fleece pet bed . Ian said: Twenty RevolutionsMy most feared birthday was my th.For people older than me, the . perimeter– no fence , no stone . just read" Shades of Gray" last year . imagine myself wandering in a deep wood . I'm all alone and . cheap . .best material for front porch
vinyl panels for decks</p>
solid wood flooring surface painting, the original is more abundant to show the natural and simple texture of the log, while the log as a flooring material to avoid impatience and other inherent flaws. However, the excessive coating of paint produced by a large number of silt deposition, resulting in woody cloudy,waterproof wood plastic composite sheet fuzzy, paint adhesion decreased in the daily use of paint prone to peeling, collapse paint, cracking paint and so on ... ... "

"Solid wood flooring if you can not get out" more coated more "errors, the whole category of the future direction of the blow will be devastating! Many professionals composite deck board wholesale los angeles on the solid wood flooring manufacturers in the paint on the "confused" approach worried. 4: 4: 4 As the leading brand in the flooring industry,

the company has 24 years of solid wood flooring R & D and manufacturing experience of the strength of the enterprise - Lian Fung floor after repeated laboratory material testing found that the number of solid wood floor paint and Three factors that affect the quality of solid wood flooring: paint layer permeability, exterior wood materials for a terrace flexibility and adhesion between the existence of a high degree of correlation between the proportion.
China's market is a unique and complex dual structure of the market, the East and West regional differences are quite large, South and North markets are very different, between urban and rural areas is very different, very different consumer maturity. Therefore, the face of more opportunities for development,acrylic panels for van interiors only those who can compete in the correct driving marketing chariot, and strive to grasp the direction of the business before they can win tomorrow.

Planning mentioned in three years will focus on supporting the 100 national key forestry leading enterprises, two years of comprehensive clean-up standards for wood-based panels, domestic flooring industry will quickly usher in re-shuffle. China's wood flooring enterprises with brand effect of 3000 or so,building green materials Sweden relative to the home appliances, food, etc. are relatively mature, the domestic flooring industry is facing a large number of domestic brands, Industry, you can use;

mess; to describe. The majority of enterprises in an unknown status, the so-called big brand flooring is only a vague concept. According to statistics the floor of fencing suppliers and price the industry's profit margins in the basic control of 10 - 15 percentage points, the brand value also go low. "Revitalization plan" one, many wooden floor enterprise spirit flick. This will mean that in the next 2 years, the floor will face a business; According to Zhang Linlin,
<p>three cactus indoors, can increase the negative ions in the air, greatly conducive to sleep and health.3, mother-in-law: natural scavenger, a basin of mother-in-law can absorb 10 square metre, more than 80% of the room a variety of harmful gas, two basin sansevieria basically can make general indoor air purification completely;Mother-in-law can </p>
<p>also release a large amount of oxygen during the day.4, aloe: flowers proverbs says, "bracketplant, aloe vera is a gunman formaldehyde frighten hide away."Evergreen aloe has certain absorb peculiar smell, the role for a long time.In addition, aloe vera and beauty effect.5, Chinese rose, it can absorb hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, benzene, </p>
<p>phenol, ether and other gases;Also have considerable resistance to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.6, ivy: a basin of ivy can destroy 90% of benzene in 8 to 10 square meters room, can deal with from outside come back with bacteria and other harmful substances, even can absorb even the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust.7, Africa jasmine: </p>
<p>plastic fence panels in india<br />
deck ideas for above ground pools<br />
uses wood plastic composite decking floor</p>
In August 2013, the production of composite wood flooring in Guangdong Province, 917,500 square meters, an increase of 22.36%; 2013 1 to 8 months, Guangdong Province, the production of composite wood flooring 6,600,100 square meters, an increase of 24.09%. In August 2013, Jiangsu Province, the production of exterior plastic laminate panels composite wood flooring 11,175,400 square meters, down 11.98%; January-August 2013, Jiangsu Province, the production of composite wood flooring 88,375,800 square meters, down 1.81%.

In 2013 August, Jilin Province, the production of composite wood floor of 374.32 million square meters, an increase of 30.55%; 2013 January-August, Jilin Province, the production of composite wood flooring 25.4309 million square meters, an increase of 21.78%. In August 2013, Liaoning Province,tiles veneer suit wholesale the production of composite wood flooring 50,388,000 square meters, an increase of 15.37%; 2013 1 to 8 months, the total production of composite wood flooring in Liaoning Province 40,874,100 square meters, an increase of 19.02%.

Floor business marketing polarization of the status quo are very typical, on the one hand, the majority of enterprises are still marketing inadequate; the other hand,mandaue wooden planks garden a large number of enterprises in the excessive marketing. Regardless of the marketing equivalent to sales, intended to raise the "edge of the foot," the effort, or the marketing as a panacea, as rival straw to break down, are misunderstanding of marketing.
<p>because can realize continuous mechanized production, equipment utilization rate is very high, less equipment investment.Related: the classification of plasterboard and skills of choose and buy plasterboard condole supports what are the advantages of plasterboard condole top quality standard and the matters needing attention how to identify the </p>
<p>high quality and inferior plasterboard plasterboardGreen plants is one way to maintain indoor air fresh, not every city and put in the indoor green plants.This article mainly introduce the indoor can put green plants.Dotted with greenery space, that is, achieved the effect of purify air, also can decorate a space.1, bracketplant: the ability to absorb </p>
<p>harmful chemicals from the air, over the air filter.1 basin of chlorophytum, 24 hours, but will indoor carbon monoxide, nitrogen peroxide and other volatile harmful gas, absorb and clean.2, cactus, its characteristic is the day closed pores, prevent moisture to evaporate.Night open air hole, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.If put two or </p>
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<p>glamorous appearance.3, avoid is used a wet cloth to wipe the door in clean wooden door when many people appear misunderstanding, thought with a damp cloth to wipe can directly, actually this is wrong.Summer often have heavy rain weather, appearance is seriously be affected with damp be affected with damp, especially near the outside </p>
<p>door, if you use wet cloth to wipe, increase moisture door plank, reduce the service life of wooden door, should dry the wet cloth to not drop.4, don't keep the grass and flowers many people like the front door in front of the door put a few flowers and plants, such as household is decorated, also help household environment.But near the door </p>
<p>put plants absorb plant water easy to wooden door, lead to deformation of wooden door.Many of the owners decorate like to use plasterboard partition, but a lack of beauty, gypsum looks too drab, therefore, they take plasterboard as wallpaper, add its adornment effect, let's take a look at gypsum paste wallpaper method and matters </p>
<p>wood plastic composite manufacture presentation<br />
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More and more people choose a three-layer parquet, why so popular?

Specifications Thickness: three-layer parquet thickness of the surface to determine its service life, <a href="http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/8431.html">wpc decking ideas for sloped yard</a> the thicker the surface sheet, the longer the wear resistance, the European three-layer parquet thickness of the general requirements of 3.5 mm or more. Thick middle layer is the main source of the three-layer parquet feeling, <a href="http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/9806.html">Skansen patio outdoor wood flooring panels</a> the middle layer thickness of the three-layer parquet is more than 7mm, the thickness of middle layer of the three-layer parquet is 9mm, the foot feeling is very comfortable .

Solid wood: three layers of solid wood flooring sub-table, core, the end of the three-tier, the surface layer of wear-resistant layer, but also visual aesthetic layer, the material should be selected hard texture, beautiful tex<a href="http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/2186.html">composite sheets for boat floor</a> ture of the tree species.

Surface paint: high-grade wood composite floor surface using UV matte paint,<a href="http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/818.html">high quality composite wood flooring</a> this paint is UV-cured, the wear resistance is very good, the family does not use waxing maintenance, the use of more than a decade without painting.
<p>[Golden section of the beauty of harmony]</p>
<p>"Golden Section" belongs to the category of aesthetics, by the ancient Greek scientists found and first applied to buildings, the most significant feature is the right, the ratio is 1: 0.618, more than or less than the proportion of split is not the most beautiful, Italy Tang Ma Sara furniture successfully used the "golden section" to the production of them,outdoor furniture garden furniture bistro chair rattan chair to achieve a harmonious beauty of the whole. You can see the aspect ratio of the floor cabinet in the Tomsa Sara Hall. The aspect ratio of the door in the floor cabinet is golden section. There is a pair of drawers in the bottom of the door. The length of the drawer and the height of the door are The whole wardrobe width and height ratio, also in line with the golden rule, this large golden section and small golden section, making the whole a piece of furniture is symmetrical everywhere, elegant, elegant. By the golden section with the design of single furniture, a combination of sets of furniture, its overall coordination and ornamental, but also can achieve a harmonious unity.</p>
<p>?Aesthetic sense of natural wood?</p>
<p>The beauty of furniture, including the shape of the United States, the process of the United States, which are all recognized, there is also a kind of implicit beauty does not seem to attract people's attention, and this beauty is the unique beauty of wood furniture itself, that is natural wood Of the United States. Italy Tomah Sarah bedroom furniture is to follow this principle, in terms of material selection has a lot of effort,waterproof chaise lounge made in china the material produced by the country more than Hu pick wood, cherry and mountain beech, these materials are made of furniture Shanghao material. Its inherent texture, tree section and Lee Wen can see, this natural pattern, in the eyes of the designer, it is a beauty material. After processing the texture will be more revealing a rich texture. Natural wood itself has a good plasticity, which provides designers with a broad creative space. Through their creativity, this natural property of wood can be given to the rhythm of the United States, such as Tom Sara 's bedroom, the two front and rear screen above the wooden beams are made of a solid wood bending through a special process, and Bed screen between a certain slow empty space, the appearance looks rich in water and Italy.</p>
<p>[Create a magnificent style]</p>
<p>General of the room configuration, including wine cabinet, floor cabinets, dining table, dining chair. Wall mirrors and combination cabinets, the number of pieces of furniture can be selected according to the use of the area, the main style is the mix and coordination with the decoration environment. Tom Sara's Hall Series offers a complete range of options,double beach chair with canopy with a classical style. The side doors of the cabinets and wine cabinets are curved doors, and the top and bottom of the posts are decorated with carved shapes. In particular, the classic wine cabinets have copper bars embedded in the middle of each glass door, which not only makes the glass more Solid also enhanced its aesthetic effect, wine cabinet placed in the United States and some glass of wine, but also shows the main collection of rich. The series of luminous coating painted hall series, it is magnificent. Glamorous, can show the owner a higher lifestyle. In addition, the characteristics of light paint makes it easy to match with the wood floor, a good combination of furniture and the floor can make seamless, magnificent bearing.</p>
<p>Solid wood flooring is a pure natural forest, decades of trees can be produced into a solid wood flooring. The state has been limiting logging, so a large part of relying on imports, a lot of money flooded abroad, plastic outdoor floor mats decking tiles, for the ecological and future development is not a long-term trend. The wood flooring is cut into thin slices of wood, and then by the wood grain of the horizontal and vertical phase error pressed into the requirements of the wood is not high.</p>
<p>Solid wood flooring installation convenient, short duration of the low cost, more worry and effort. Solid wood flooring installation more stress is also more complicated, due to the laying of wood keel, longer duration, can be installed over treated decking, higher costs, and some mixed construction often have problems.</p>
<p>Solid wood is more comfortable, good stability, especially suitable for shop in the bedroom. Parquet and solid wood flooring is the difference between the feet feel a little bit, but now out of some 18mm thick plate, and the difference between the solid wood floor is not. fence panel projects. Peace of mind there is a layer of wood composite board up to 11 layers, the foot feeling has been quite comfortable.</p>
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