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and the external environment of construction has been further improved. Construction efforts have been further strengthened. Forestry industry continues to maintain a good momentum of development In 2005, the total forestry economy continued to grow. The annual output value of forestry industry reached 845.874 billion yuan (at current price),
an increase of 22.73% over 2004, the growth rate higher than the 2004 5.12 percentage points higher. Among them, the output value of the first, second and third industries increased by 12.04%, 36.13% and 39.02% respectively. The output structure of the three industries was adjusted from 56.40: 37.16: 6.44 in 2004 to 51.49:41.22: 7.29, and the forestry industry structure was further optimized.high density fibreboard floor
In 2005, timber production continued to rise, producing 55.6031 million cubic meters of wood, an increase of 6.98% over 2004. Saw timber production continued to grow, reaching 17.9029 million cubic meters, up 16.82% from 2004. The growth rate of wood-based panel was not reduced, reaching 63.9289 million cubic meters, an increase of 17.38% over 2004,
In recent years, small-scale road roller industry is very good, but the market price is also very chaotic, and not a strict standard, so the same mechanical products, different manufacturers to sell out the price of customers will be different. Take a small hand-held roller for the sake of it, the same machine, we made out of the artificial, material, rent and other charges put there, how ...
?In recent years, small-scale road roller industry is very good, but the market price is also very chaotic, and not a strict standard, so the same mechanical products, different manufacturers to sell out the price of customers will be different.
Take the small hand-held roller machine, the same machine, we made out of the artificial, materials, rent water and electricity costs put there, how can not think of other people to sell the product price level, you have to say that others lose money to sell There are two possible, the first is to go on, and deal with the backlog of goods, used to cash flow, the second is in the cost of production costs, for example, workers wages less hair, thin steel, built-in mechanical motor, hydraulic Pumps, engines, etc. with three-wire brand or OEM products, but to do so, can only reduce product quality.
We have always been to ensure the quality of the premise to the customer's biggest concessions, but each business is to be profitable, if no profit things who will not do, and now the cost is great, more investment Do not come back cost, how could it be possible to sell it?
Please customers in the purchase of products before the first to consider clearly, make a comparison, look at the price of a product price range, and then make a decision!
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<p>To warm the floor to release a large number of formaldehyde, maintenance problems arise, to bring warm blood diseases of respiratory disease" Recently, with the heating season is approaching, the "floor heating" all composite fence panels 8 ft high the hazards that rampant. Some people think that these claims are "planted" to warm, warm to grab the market share of heating, and was intentionally hurt; others believe that the floor warm to enter the project after the renovation, the developers down the cost, The use of substandard small factories laying warm, triggering the ground burst.</p><p>leakage, can not repair and other conditions, to the original stability of 3 disadvantages of using large a mounts of imported timber in the uk the warm market has brought negative effects; there are some people believe that the warm industry to be mixed, to warm quality, installation, , Operation and other aspects of non-standard conditions exist, leading to the existence of Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trustcertain security risks. The beginning of winter is approaching, home heating is often a new topic every winter.</p><p> Recently, on the warmth of several major hazards of the "legend" widely disseminated, "to warm the floor to release large amounts of formaldehyde, problems maintenance difficulties, to warm to bring materials that using woods and plastic respiratory disease" floor heating will be cooling equipment (floor heating pipe) , This is its advantage, it seems to have become a great hidden dangers. Heating a lot of problems brought about a time to become hot.</p>
The history of small roller The small road roller appeared first in the 80s of last century, the United Kingdom, a company named Pieve's machinery factory developed to produce the first small-scale walking roller. At that time the production of the roller is a very simple structure, the operation is not convenient. In the 1990s, China introduced the production technology of Pifei Tee machine, and then developed a hand-held double-wheeled road ...
Commissioning without the need to feed, but must first guide the board to guide the screw up, and then use the way to punch the hammer slowly transferred to the bottom dead center, and must pay special attention to the guide plate can not be floating rod too Low, otherwise it will cause the floating rod to bend or break. When punching is done continuously, the speed adjustment screw of the feeder must be rotated in a clockwise direction, and the slider movement is slightly slower so that it can see if the slider is moved against the nylon gasket and the length trimmer. When the test machine when the slider moves back and forth, if only encountered nylon gasket did not touch the length of the fine-tuning screw, which is floating pole down deep enough, need to punch the boot screw slowly down. If the slider moves back and forth, the metal leveling machine only touches the length of the trimmer screw does not touch the nylon gasket, which is the floating rod down too deep, need to punch the boot screw slowly upward.
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<p>Need more angles Technological innovation is through the investment in scientific research, master new science and technology to develop new products in the process of technological innovation is the core of flooring composite outdoor deck flooring in one piece business innovation and the foundation, the floor is the only truly technical innovation to be eligible to talk about other .</p><p> Therefore, enterprises must put technological innovation in the first place. Flooring enterprises in the enterprise management portal composite decking black system when the enterprise is not to be innovative, or stubborn old-fashioned use of the management system is undoubtedly carrying a brick hit his feet.</p><p> So flooring companies must learn to insight into the market, come up with the market to adapt to the management system, and then in the operation of enterprises can be improved. In addition, the brand innovation faux decking panels south africa is equally important, the use of scientific minds, to create the appropriate brand development program, and put into actual operation, so that the flooring companies in the fierce competition in the market to gain a foothold. No matter which side, the floor of enterprise innovation can <a href="http://outdoordeckingproduct.com/">Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust</a> not just stay in the slogan, the only innovation will be implemented, the development of the floor to get more satisfactory results.</p>
<p>of shoes can be placed. This offer is 2680 yuan, after the discount of about $2360. But if you want to customize, the price will be expensive. Reporters want to customize a same shoe, but the width is 1200mm. The salesman told reporters that the customized shoe is calculated according to the area of the shoe, different thickness per square meter price is not the same. After calculation, the specifications for the 1200 x 288 x 1158mm green glass top dog shoe, the final price is about 2980 yuan. It seems that in </p>
<p>order to protect the environment, improve the utilization of space, the price is not small. Summary: Lee: high utilization of space, environmental beauty. Disadvantages: expensive, long wait time. Chipped easily, should pay attention to the shoe height: 1 shuttergate vertical inserting shoes, shoe cabinet for typical, has the advantages of saving space, but not for high waisted shoes and highheeled highheeled shoes and shoes (hiking boots and sneakers), and insert the shoe uppers and easy extrusion. This type is </p>
<p>not suitable for the 4 layer, because the upper part of the shoe is too high to pick up the inconvenience, it is recommended to do the three layer, about 120cm. The 2 door shoe, height restrictions, to master convenient enough for. Requirements of large thickness, generally with the maximum value of the shoes, usually about 35~40cm thickness. Has the advantages of flat shoes do not hurt, internal partitions trap, convenient storage and high boots, suitable for storage box clearance shoes. The disadvantage is </p>
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It's always great to find new and innovative products that really work. When it comes to deck construction, there seems to be little problem with the framework of the deck, but the deck surface has been a problem, especially when it comes to cold, snowy winters. affordable wood decking. The use of treated wood floors looks good, but even if it is not easy to have a rotten problem, the floor will distort, crack and split over time. Plus you must seal the wood every year to maintain a good appearance. Other types of materials such as composite decks do hold better wood, but they tend to be much more expensive, so many people stay away from them. waterproof wall cladding india. This also applies to vinyl flooring as well. Coupled with many people do not like the idea of using composite materials or vinyl materials. Until recently, there was no other choice. Now, however, there is another option that allows you to actually have a deck with tile floor. It sounds impossible, but it's true! This great new product that I'm talking about is going to revolutionize the decoration industry. It allows you to install tiles on the floor of existing or new decks instead of wood, vinyl or composite flooring. inexpensive patio materials.
<p>scheme, determine the use of the one kind of hydropower transformation program. 3, to understand the use of household appliances, to determine the power consumption, choose a reasonable wire matching program. 4, to understand the use of special electrical equipment and water equipment on the water circuit transformation of the special program; (such as whether the bathtub with massage, if it is necessary to add power). 5, according to the functional division of the room, to determine the control circuit </p>
<p>and the water shunt reasonable. 6, consider the living habits of life, to determine whether or not to add a spare branch. Four, pay attention to decoration start work bomb line 1, line inspection of the housing is a very important step, in order to ensure that the line is more accurate and secure home B&Q workers will use hightech positioning system to find the desired height on the wall, and then as a reference of the bomb line. 2, do yang angle at the corner for yang angle, can ensure the absolute vertical wallThe </p>
<p>decoration budget is the first step in the decoration budget, can be very good to control all expenses decoration, know every place the money, but the decoration company budget quotation will often contain Maoni, owners need to have a piercing eye to see through the trick, here we take a look at how to understand the decoration budget table the budget, cleverly avoids tricky. First, how to look at the budget table, the total cost of renovation projects in the home decoration costs = the main material cost + </p>
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<p>open the window ventilation, air exchange, so that the floor can have a good environment. But do not let the sun for a long time direct, a sharp rise in temperature or fall on the floor are hurt. 2, regular cleaning of the floor, you can place a rubbed insoles at the door to reduce or avoid sand or friction dust is brought into the room. Do not use corrosive liquids to wipe the floor. 3, in the floor after clean, should be coated with a layer of diluted floor polish. If the use of the floor relatively frequent, may be appropriate to increase the </p>
<p>concentration of polishing agent. In general, the living room can be maintained once a month, and frequent access to the kitchen, living room, etc. need to be a week for maintenance. 4, anti-fire fire: the fire is the biggest nemesis wooden floor, cigarette butts, burning small pieces of paper and so will bring to the wooden floor can not repair the damage. So no matter what time should put the fire in the first place, a child's friends at home to educate their children not to play with fire at home. 5, keep dry: wood floor to </p>
<p>always keep dry and clean. Do not think their own good quality wood flooring is not afraid of water, it is only business propaganda. It is advisable to choose a neutral floor cleaner to clean the wooden floor in your home because acidic, alkaline cleaning products can damage the brightness of the wood floor. Step 1: Installation of traditional geothermal heat is very important (not electric heating), the traditional geothermal refers to the plumbing, the maximum surface temperature does not exceed 28 �� C. Sudden changes in temperature </p>
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<p>WPC is a modified thermoplastic material made of wood fiber or plant fiber filled, enhanced, the hot-press composite, melt extrusion and other different processing methods made of modified thermoplastic materials. With the global resources in recent years, the growing depletion of environmental awareness has increased, the application of wood and petrochemical products put forward higher requirements.</p>
<p>In this context, wood-plastic composite materials that can play the advantages of the various components in the material, to overcome the low strength of wood, variability and low elastic modulus of organic materials caused by the use of limitations, but also make full use of Discarded wood and plastic to reduce environmental pollution. At present, increasing the value-added materials, more and more people have been widespread concern. Nowadays, the research focuses on the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the industry. As raw materials, by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding made of composite materials. From the production of raw materials, wood-plastic composite materials can be used a variety of waste plastics, waste wood and crop residues.</p>
<p>Therefore, the development and application of wood-plastic composites can help to reduce the pollution of plastic wastes and reduce the environmental pollution caused by agricultural waste incineration. Wood-plastic composite material production and use, will not be distributed to the surrounding environment of the harm to human health volatiles, the material itself can be recycled, is a new green products, but also an ecological clean composite materials. Therefore, the study of the preparation and processing of wood-plastic composites, contains a huge economic and environmental benefits.</p>
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<P>(1) before the construction of the seal layer, the top of the grassroots should be thoroughly cleaned, especially the bridge and culverts, channel surface, be sure to remove mortar and other debris, keep clean, and maintain the appropriate humidity, qualified by the supervision and inspection Afterwards. Cleaning the best with a sweep machine to complete, local to rinse with water. Elevation of the pass rate of not less than 85%, flatness to meet the requirements.</P>
<P>(2) climatic conditions: sprinkling asphalt material temperature can not be less than 15 ?, and is stable and rising temperature, moderate wind speed, fog or rain should not be construction.</P>
<P>(3) the amount of oil and the amount of gravel: asphalt sprinkler a (good performance, sprinkle evenly, sprinkle the amount of accurate), according to the provisions of the amount of sprinkling asphalt, stone spread sprinkler should be used. The first spray concentration of 35% of the emulsified asphalt to strengthen the penetration of emulsified asphalt dosage of 1.0-1.2kg / ?; C25,3 (S) not less than 8.5; the second sprinkler concentration of 50% emulsified asphalt, the amount 1.0-2.2kg / ?; C25,5 (S) not less than 13. twice the interval to the first sprinkling of emulsified asphalt demulsified non-stick tires is appropriate, the second sprinkling emulsified asphalt after breaking Immediately rubbed gravel, the amount of gravel 4-5m3 / 1000 ?, gravel coverage of about 80%, the particle size 3-8mm, and light roller crush 1-2 times, emulsified asphalt sprinkler temperature should not be less than 50 ° C. After the first sprinkling, should strictly control the passage of all vehicles, the second and after the gravel, should be strictly in accordance with JTJ034-94 "road asphalt pavement technical specifications" requirements. Cement crushed stone in the 7-day health period is prohibited all vehicles, even if the health period beyond 7 days should also control the traffic, prohibit non-construction vehicles, while ensuring that the cover does not cause a variety of pollution.</P>

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<p>with higher consumption ability, love natural flavor of family decoration wallpaper material: 6, wall wallpaper Qiangbu is wide, the main features of the surface layer is relatively thick, a surface layer is relatively thick, relatively high concentration of resin material, also is a kind of pure natural material. It gives people a feeling of durability. It should be noted that it is not appropriate to use in the bedroom and other places to rest, so as not to suppress tension. Recommendation: highgrade decoration occasions wallpaper </p>
<p>home decoration material: 7, Mica Mica wallpaper is a silicate crystal, so this kind of products is elegant and glossy, with good electrical insulation, relatively weak conductivity, high safety coefficient, both beautiful and practical, families with children favorite places: public places, recommended background sofa, living room TV background wall wallpaper home decoration material: 8, natural materials wallpaper by vegetation and processing of natural, natural simplicity, with warm ventilation and soundabsorbing </p>
<p>moistureproof function, brings experience to recover the original simplicity. Is due to the lack of natural materials, paving joints obvious, not fine. Recommended crowd: like the natural simplicity of home decoration wallpaper materialThe shoe is used to put the shoes home furniture, usually on the door of the hall. On such a small furniture, can play a role in the collection and collation. Small finishing ten shoe brand ranking for you, you can trust the brand first optimistic brand in the purchase of shoe. Jin Fulai, a (set of </p>
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First, the rag / mop focus on cleaning
To deal with the stains on the composite floor, we can use a rag dipped in usual Taomi Shui, directly to the cloth gently wipe the floor, not only can remove stains, and can keep the floor glossy. Of course, you can also choose a more relaxing tool! We squeeze the mop to a semi-dry state, and then focus on cleaning the stained areas. Here to note that the mop must not be too wet, otherwise it will cause the softening and deformation of the composite floor, it is not good.

Second, the use of vacuum cleaners regularly
We need to use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to clean the composite floor, try to choose a filter with a vacuum cleaner, so not only can suck the floor of the larger particles and garbage, but also through the filter will lead to respiratory allergies harmful micro parasites Wait.

In order to avoid scratches the floor, we also may change the vacuum cleaner to like this special wooden floor dust nozzle. Soft bristles gently touch the floor, the maximum degree of protection to the composite floor, cleaning and maintenance simultaneously!

Third, the "ice" floor to remove chewing gum
This is also a trick, we have the floor of the "ice"! We first loaded with plastic bags on the chewing gum above the pressure, so that chewing gum solidification; hand by a press, if the chewing gum completely hardened, you can use Toothbrush or brush to chew it! The final step, with a brush and then completely brush it!
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RLB-1500 + 1000 type asphalt mixture regeneration equipment in an orderly installation and commissioning, with the previous use of the RLBZ-600-type asphalt renewable annex to the official in Yunnan Province, Chuda Expressway maintenance Project put into use, which also marks the first use in the upper road maintenance of the highway plant waste heat regeneration equipment successfully off the assembly line, in the highway maintenance project will also play an important role.
This year is a five-year national highway inspection year, the Yunnan Provincial Expressway Administration is actively deploying to meet the Ministry of Transportation National Highway inspection work, the important sections of the conservation project is particularly important. By the Yunnan Yunling Expressway Maintenance Green Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for the Chu Expressway is Kunming - Ruili National Road trunk (GZ65) in a section, Kunming is the gateway to Yunnan, northwest Yunnan, southwest Yunnan 8 state to the main Economic trunk, conservation project is particularly important. RLB-1500 + 1000 is the iron extension machinery to meet the major highway maintenance, waste asphalt mixture recycling and research and development of high-performance and high-volume asphalt mixture regeneration equipment, the show in the Chu large highway, will shoulder Highway maintenance have heavy responsibility to help buyers successfully complete the road maintenance, to create a good economic and social benefits.
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<p>storage box clearance shoes. The disadvantage is open space, if there are 1000 wide walkways, wide open 1000 shoe after only 500; deposit shoes less; the bottom is not convenient in handling. The lower part of this shoe proposal does not fall, is vacant, with the hall lighting is very effective to do the anchor. The upper height according to the needs and effects, generally not more than 1200 of the distance from the ground more comfortable, and can be combined with the use of the hall function, to make a temporary </p>
<p>table or placed on the table decoration items. If the limited space, this will be very thin, shoes shoes show like shopping malls across the wall. After the completion of the thickness can be 130~140. Of course, this can not put a few pairs of shoes. The height of the shoe also is not restricted to experts, convenient enough, the overall effect of the decoration shall prevail. 3 seat shoes shoe shoe design hall, seen a lot, but there are few design shoes sitting position. Some shoe style to many buttons, is generally high boots, </p>
<p>is not an easy job to do wear, not squat feet without stepping on the ground where the hard, is a hand on the wall of a hand shoes. Why not think for ladies, get a comfortable shoes seat? Ordinary home is not just beautiful, should be the actual needs, from the perspective of function, peopleoriented, make their own love, comfort, distinctive decoration effect.Decoration budget is a very important part of the decoration. The budget is good not only to ensure that no overruns, you can save a lot of money. The small </p>
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