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Great. Beta preview looks amazing.
When can we try it out ourselves ? is it downloadable yet?
time wrote:See the announcement regarding this in the News forum:

How can I circumvent the message "The host .......is currently unknown to the
The host key fingerprint is:........
Always option disabled, host file is not writeable
Do you want to allow this host key? [Yes|No]:"
I use a SSH connection with username/password authentication.
I found this statement in the forum posted on 06.22.04:

"However, jCVS Servlet is about to be orphaned, and you may not wish to invest
too much time with it. The replacement for the servlet will be a more full
featured struts webapp. I hope to have it installed on the website within the
next two weeks".

Is there any chance this code will be posted any time soon?

I am working on a project that involves jcvs package in either older servlet
form, or in the new struts module form (which I think would be a preference).
Any word on the possible date when you plan to publish the code will help me a
lot. In my personal case it doesn't have to be a perfectly tested release, by
the way.

Thank you very much,

Eugene Koba
Is there any timeline on this portal release?
time wrote:The jcvsweb is designed as a "portal" with login feature. However,
the site works with a "guest login" at all times.

The first release does not implement the "restricted project" feature, but it
will be added very very soon, since I need it for my own needs. This will allow
you to say that a project can only be viewed by a logged-in user with given
permissions to view the project.

So, yes, very soon. Most likely the second release.

I am new to cvs and jcvs. Pls. forgive me if my question is stupid.
Is there any way where I can retrieve the latest program list tagged with a
(logical/not) tag, say TAGDDMMYYYY, from the cvs repository?
I just want to get the listing of all programs tagged.

Any sample code??
Can jCVS work with subversion or are there any plans to do that? Please excuse
if this is a dumb question. I've only little experience with cvs till know, but
I need some sort of cvs for my projects in the future and consider using cvs &
jCVS or subversion & apache & ....
Version 5.4.1 is outstanding, good job!

- anonymous coward
I am trying to prepare a class which would execute the import command. The
import command would basically copy a set of folders in the local machine into
the CVS repository. I havent figured out how to specify the local directory(from
which files have to be imported) while preparing the CVS request.
Any help on this problem would be most welcome.
time wrote:Ok. I have found the bug.
I was not properly setting the host authentication processor.
I will try to release an update in the next week to fix it.
Thanks for the bug report!

How did you set this? What should I do to overcome this? I'm having troubles
connecting through SSH.

Thanks in advance.
not sure if jcvs supply some kind of username/password authentication to access
jcvslet servlet ? My cvs is wide open right now as long as you
know the url ?
any help,please?
Cool,can't wait for jcvs webapp.
Another question,not sure if jcvs supply some kind of username/password
authentication to access jcvslet servlet ? My cvs is wide open right now as long
as you know the url ?

I am a newbie to jCVS. I am trying to setup jcvs servlet with my project and it
worked for me. My project has 3 modules. How do I enable jCVS to see all of them

e.g. /project is my root and i have module1,module2,module3 as modules.
How do i make them appear in the browser together ? Can I specify them in one
property file? do I have to create 3 property files?
Any help would be appreciated.

Ok. Second report must mean that there is something suspicious.

I recently changed the SSH package from MindBright to j2ssh. My few tests seemed
to work ok for me, but clearly there are cases that do not.

The first thing I need to do is check for a more recent release.

In the meantime, we need to accumulate more details about the problems you are

Is it posssible that either of you could post the details of the CVS server you
are connecting to? I would like to try to reproduce the problem here so that I
may debug it directly.
I've got the same problem here. I'm using the latest release, 5.4.1.
"could not create SSH connection for xxx -> the host key is invalid or was not

First time trying to use this program though, so i might be doing something
wrong. I looked briefly at the documentation, but didn't find anything useful.
Is there some argument magic etc I should know?

Maybe i'll try later at home with my mac.

The classes mention client/server but I can only see the client side code + some
message structures that are server initiated.

Is there any server side code as I'm wanting to implement a CVS server facade.

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