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Sponsored by the China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee, weather resistant wpc decking prices Golden Eagle Iger floor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. hosted "flooring industry since the country's first patent activism" in Kerry held a press conference. President of the Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang forest at the press conference said that this is the flooring industry, and even the first official maintenance of intellectual property rights activities organized by the Association of Forest Industries, very exemplary. Flooring industry starting from activism began in August 2004, Golden Eagle Iger specifically for the Beijing 2008 design floor color "Design School" series was fake, counterfeit products have appeared in the Northeast, North China and South China markets. September 6, 2004, "the National Office of Intellectual Property Protection of special rectification activities," so that the floor has been greatly encouraged by industry and business, Golden Eagle Iger Group decided to launch the industry's first since activism under the leadership of industry associations. Administrations certainly industry practices SIPO coordinated management Secretary Ma Ye pointed out that intellectual property protection is one of the priorities of intellectual property rights, the flooring industry to take the industry to promote corporate-sponsored rights is an "event" of the initiative for building materials, decoration and various industries have a strong reference. Ma Ye also called on various industry associations to intensify its efforts to combat counterfeiting, "formal, plagued by fake companies have this intention, patio porch flooring such a thing against counterfeiting rights of individual companies is difficult to accomplish, you need to actively promote the industry organizations and associations . "president forest Products Association, Zhang forest advises that the current domestic flooring market is still a market disruption, layers of counterfeit and other issues, which greatly hampered China from a floor production floor power to power the process of transition. Learn from foreign companies' rights case, "" China's flooring industry standardization While still years away, plastic outer wall panel indonesia but efficient rights have to work much better in Europe. "Ms. Sabine from Germany, general manager of Interprint's China such laments . According to Sabine introduction, in that the "rights of the first case" situation, the company and three other European flooring layer alliances with companies to find the Golden Eagle Iger activist vanguard company, it can actually completion of such a large scale event was "learn" within two months. Floor new standard for the industry next year the introduction of "color rights", deputy director of the National Inspection Center based panels, Secretary-General of China Forest Industry Association Flooring Committee Lu Bin revealed that the forthcoming new national standard floor has been determined to add a "color fastness degree "requirement. " 'Color' is the color of the floor surface, 'fastness' parks wood plastic bench outdoor means durability, that is, the color does not fade fade." Linda Lun, general manager of Golden Eagle Iger great value "color fastness" officially included in the national standards, he said, the floor this industry has no standards, many small workshop floor created a "qualified but will fade ugly," the floor, there is no "color fastness" standard,

The same is the starting point for children, Baowang floor introduced to health care for the baby-themed promotional activities, we have been eager to respond to consumers. The starting point of the business is still: Parents are always concerned about the baby's healthy growth, but on the launch of the product line to make adjustments: environmental health series. The same is cold rice stir-fried, why consumers will buy it? Because the floor to draw a healthy daily life and children play sensitive areas that do not conflict, and cost-effective features of the product itself has a strong appeal to consumers, plus on a discount, many mothers are struggling to cope, willing to pay for the baby's health can be obtained such a success is not surprising.

Flexible work, change the pass. Baby health topic is not new, but the use of products to guide consumers to healthy growth of children present in front of a lot of risks, and establish a positive brand image, but counterproductive to consumers for the products to create a good reputation.

Compared to the slings and arrows of promotional activities in the price war, the concept of war, public promotion is obviously more sensible and easier for the rational consumer acceptance. In aid of charity to promote its brand at the same time, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, closer relationship with consumers, improve social benefits, consumers now pay more attention to some things a cultural connotation of the brand and corporate image the inherent beauty of nature left more long-term. Innovative marketing model, to want families to be able to obtain long-term brand development, leopard king of recounts Yu insisted.

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1, the loss of wood-plastic profile wood less than preservative.

In the same construction area or volume conditions, wood less than wood preservative loss. Because the plastic wood is a profile, according to the actual size of landscape engineering needs, to produce the length, width, thickness of the material. The length of the provisions of preservative wood is dead, usually 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters.

2, plastic-wood can be in the same construction conditions, you can win less.

I would like to make an analogy, the general outdoor pavement flooring, the choice of wood, the need for about 45MM thickness of wood. The plastic wood, only 25MM thickness of the material, the strength of more than 45MM of wood preservative. In other words, if the use of wood is 1 cubic meter, then the plastic wood only needs 0.5 cubic meters.

3, plastic-wood is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications. Saving a lot of material.

We all know that aluminum doors and windows to promote so popular, because it is hollow profile, if it is solid, then the price is incredibly high. Plastic-wood hollow savings down part, although not so high aluminum, but it is quite impressive. We all know that hollow not only can reduce the weight, increase strength. Plastic wood can be hollow, and preservative wood is impossible.

4, plastic wood surface is not required to do the paint treatment.

General anti-corrosion wood construction is completed or the construction process of the wood surface paint or brushing water-based paint.

5, wood-plastic products can be maintenance-free.

Antiseptic wood due to environmental temperature and humidity and solar ultraviolet radiation, usually in 1 year need to do maintenance or painting paint. From a long-term point of view, the cost of plastic wood is far lower than the cost of preservative wood products.

6, the life of plastic wood, generally can reach 8-9 times the ordinary timber. Foreign data show that plastic wood can be used 15 - 30 years.

7, wood-plastic product replacement is the demolition of the WPC can also continue to recycle recycling, reduce resource consumption, in line with low-carbon economy.

8, anti-corrosion wood is treated with arsenic chromium arsenate treatment (referred to as CCA) to deal with, with carcinogenicity. The plastic-wood products non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, safe and environmentally friendly.

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Hochwertige Holz-Kunststoff-Bodenbelag Anbieter
Morning State Fair appearance at the sixth China International Floor Coverings & Carpet Fair, cladding over wall panel for sale in kenya China correspondent saw net floor so funny side: Beijing a flooring company at the State Fair a live demonstration of the latest drawing floor of this patented technology, staff can be printed user's favorite pattern on the floor, their favorite pattern can not only hang on the wall, can also be printed on the floor, spare time as long as the bow can directly appreciate, this is the latest drawing floor. Another company showcases the latest electric floor heating: When plugged in, the floor will be able to directly heat the room. Staff reports, some of the cell Beijing currently provides electric film heating technology, diy wpc decking has a bunk room floor pipes, heat energy is supplied through a pipe into the room. Compared with electric membrane technology, which can save a lot of resources of electric floor. This morning, wood plastic wall panel materials wholesale many viewers into the State Fair, viewing the Sixth China International Floor Coverings & Carpet Fair. Reporters saw these characteristics hall floor is more lively, the Chinese network 4B26 floor hall is also extremely popular, come to consult, negotiate business vendors flocked staff busy hot air. China Network CEO Mr. Zhang Jianzhong floor told reporters that the scale of the show bigger than expected, 84 lumber composite deck stair rail the exhibition to exhibitors brought unlimited business opportunities, but also for the participating media provides a good communication platform, and wished the exhibition a great success !

Bedroom, the main function is to rest, so Xiaobian recommended shop with wooden floor, wooden floor, the main advantages are as follows:
Tiles and wood flooring, which is better used in the bedroom?

1, the floor warm, unlike the tiles look cooler.

2, and now the floor care and tiles as convenient, solid wood composite floor, do not pay attention to the winter dry too.

3, floor pavement problems less, even if the problem is relatively simple to repair and replacement, unlike the tiles in addition to difficult to define the responsibility of the problem, maintenance complex.

4, there is no problem with the floor with the heat, the proposed use of nature, Shun and other big brands of solid wood flooring, inexpensive, environmental protection, quality is better.

5 bedroom using wood flooring, the overall atmosphere is relatively soft, warm. The tile gives a cold, atmospheric sense, suitable for use in the restaurant.

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Project department and various branches only need to "Corporate pipe project" requirements, posts and responsibilities, review drawings, execution planning book can be. Under special circumstances need to be adjusted on-site, the project must be reported by the company after the audit to perform, for example, the unit price of a particular material, the beginning of the validation is $ 5, then the project must be executed in accordance with section 5 yuan, if the price fluctuations rose to 5.5 yuan It must be reported to the company re-approval, strengthening corporate management and control efforts, but also from the system to ensure the integrity of practitioners.

Since the decision-making power on the move, "Corporate pipe project" Project Department also put forward higher requirements: the scene of the ever-changing, to ensure that the "legal pipe project" and not out of the construction site, the daily work of the Department of the project planned to be richer , front and predictability.

According to the China Railway 15th Bureau of the company Hang Huang eight standard Second Division project manager Lan Xu Zhen, in accordance with pre-planning, where Qiao River tunnel exit only planning a construction road. And they found that in the implementation process, due to external reasons, if only to build a sidewalk, transporting the material will be affected.

To ensure the smooth progress of construction, Second Division plan ahead, proposed construction roads adjusted to two. After reporting company, soon to be approved, the tunnel exit also be smooth construction on schedule.

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Multilayer solid wood with its own relatively stable characteristics: First floor structure superimposed vertical and horizontal, contain each other, effectively overcome the shortcomings of wood easily deformable; the second is connected to the tongue and groove, paving simple; the third is natural environment,cost of stockade fence installation in addition to solid wood flooring surface use a good wood materials, the rest can be used to make a sandwich and fast-growing forest base, help protect the environment.

The community and other multi-media and associations vigorous advocacy, and industry experts who continue to nurture the market, consumers multilayer solid wood floor will gradually deepen understanding. With the rapid growth in demand for wood flooring, floor giants have vied for the overseas market,easy to clean composite white boards but also will promote domestic enterprises to increase the intensity of the floor on the market and brand culture, the future of multi-layer solid wood flooring will be a wide range in the market promotion, marketing will become the main event.

Diversification of China flooring, multi-brand,composite decking for sale craigslist oklahoma multi-species phenomenon will continue to exist for a long period of time, who the Chinese market rules and laws of the market's grasp of international comparison system, more clearly, anyone can reduce the time, as soon as possible obtain benefits.
September 7, neither a legitimate business qualifications, and dishonesty "underground" wholesale unit floor, City of Industry Bureau Zhifu Branch of nearly a month of investigation, was finally caught in downtown happiness Road, Box 1100 allegedly not qualified flooring is completely sealed. Decorate the house encounter "black board" the year before last November, who lives in the southern suburbs of Lo with hard earned money she saved to buy a new house set Sanshiyiting. In late August last year, intended to decorate the house, he came to the city in a large decorative materials market to buy the floor. Visited several door head shop after feeling is not ideal, it came to a wholesale department floor, in front of a row of sample shelf, looked at the colorful sample stopped in her tracks. To see the new customer, surnamed Jiang shop owner immediately came up, while holding forth describes the appearance of various types of color samples, retail price, performance indicators, while easily took a pamphlet handed over from the shelves . Lo casual glance, I saw printed on the cover in addition to home decoration color photographs, but also were printed in Shanghai Wood Co., a brand flooring words, people looked really quite cool heart. Then open book look, soft, light, relief in ten colors, laminate flooring picture two series of dazzling variety, marked with a national patent technology, environmental label certification and international environmental organizations, European environmental organizations 10 kinds of certification mark, could not help but make people whom echocardiography. Listening to the boss's introduction side, look at the hands of the booklet, the temptation Lo, some bargaining, to 2650 yuan traded the 65 square meters of business floor, the shop also promised to be responsible for home delivery shop loading. A few days later, Jiang boss who led the work only one day, put the Lo family Sanshiyiting paved the whole floor. The end of January this year, Mr. Lu family happily housewarming. When the end of March found that part of the living room floor joints starts to varying degrees, warping, surface gradually peeling paint, brooms and mops do not rub a few back and forth, to reveal the inside of the background. After some time, the three-bedroom floor also began to gradually "fade." Looking at new paved floor with a few days it would look ugly pair, Lo not help but feel guilty played a whisper: hey look when selected goods, overhead and cover more than 10 top "golden halo", shop boasted boss said no quality problems brand goods, such as how just papered without the use? Surprisingly, those with hard-earned money on the floor, and later brought him endless trouble. Two bosses "pass the buck" in early April, Mr. Lu found ginger boss for a raise request a replacement.

Home decoration with good wood flooring or tiles? Tiles clean but too popular; wood flooring comfortable but difficult to manage, how to do? This problem annoying a lot of owners.

As for the home shop or a good tile flooring is good, has always been a controversial issue. The reason lies in the wood floors and tiles. With the shop also saw the following two wood flooring tile comparison of the pros and cons to know.

Several reasons to choose wood flooring
1. Natural wood gives a natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, the so-called "grade" advantage. If the room shop wooden floor, not only foot feel comfortable, and can greatly reduce the sound of the impact of the floor, so that the room warm and quiet.
2. Wood floor is more "gentle", if the family has the elderly, children fall, the wood plate is not easy to walk away causing too much damage, but if it is tiles, will fall more serious.

Wood flooring defects
Wood flooring is good-looking, but it needs more care and maintenance. Wood flooring affected by the weather and moderately large, easily deformed after flooding Alice; need regular waxing maintenance; easy to scratch by sharp objects; compared to ceramic tile flooring life shorter.

The reason for choosing tiles
Tiles are several obvious advantages are: easy maintenance, maintenance is simple, not easy to hide pollution, no air pollutants, long life, the general will not be scratched, from Alice and so on. If you prefer the more convenient, and the election of the magnetic bar. Tile size is also very rich in color, decorative effect and the effect of wood floors comparable to take care of convenience, just sweep sweep, rub a clean wipe.

Tiles of several major shortcomings
Tile of the poor comfort, cold, the feet feel hard up, not warm; thermal insulation is also poor; tile pavement complex, cumbersome construction; easy to slip in the wet season.

According to the requirements of different regions with the use of both, such as the kitchen, bathroom walls are tiled, bedroom, living room floor wood floor, play the advantages of both.

Whether it is wood or tiled flooring, you can choose according to their actual situation.

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Second, solid wood flooring industry's gross margin itself is not high, solid wood flooring as a high-end consumer goods, environmental awareness in developed countries, best fine decking material solid wood flooring retail price is much higher than our domestic, as we understand that domestic Solid wood flooring retail price is about 1/3 of developed countries.

although the introduction of the country after the consumption tax solid wood flooring market prices will certainly rise, but compared with the international market is not high. building fence panels available nail 3, the state collection of solid wood flooring consumption tax is not necessary?

Second, will improve the efficiency of timber use, plastic wood cladding exterior specifications taxation will encourage manufacturers and consumers to pay more attention to the production of solid wood flooring and consumption, so that the actual cost of taxes and fees increased by 6%.kodiak wood plastic decking Now solid wood flooring, refers to the floor, parquet average ex-factory price of about 230 yuan per square meter, 170 yuan, 130 yuan, corresponding to the cost of 14 yuan, 10 yuan, 8 yuan.
Especially parquet three parquet have scientific structure, beautiful and comfortable, sustainable development and market prospects, such as outstanding performance characteristics, which is the main reason for the rapid development of the global. Our country is the largest consumer country backyard deck design ideas floor, parquet annual sales reached 25 million square meters, three parquet nearly 300 sales were increasing by 40% annually.
Parquet from the date of invention has been 70 years of history, as the market is changing constantly innovate to meet the different consumer demand, showed the following development trends. 1. Product diversification and personalization to the development of traditional parquet table plate has three symmetrical spell spelling table plate precious rare species mainly hard, core online buy wood fence in singapore board and backplane commonly used coniferous species, more single product. The late 90s of last century, with consumer attitudes and upgrading processing technology development, product diversification and consumer demand for more personalized, the traditional three-mile three-layer parquet to two fight, face alone, bamboo table plate, softwood table board, two and multi-layer composite direction.
In recent years, the United States as the representative of the vintage and antique pursuit of individual style parquet sprung gradually products to the European influence, Europe began to accept such a return to embody the vicissitudes of history and personalized deck made with plastic floor, in our country by some discerning consumers.

Autumn Jixi County, still meandering green water, Castle Peak, such as Dai. Mountains, the design speed of 250 km Hang Huang railway passenger line construction is in full swing. This railway connection between Hangzhou and Huangshan, series from the Lake, the Fuchun River, Jixi Shexian and other tourist attractions, is a truly world-class golden tourist channel.

For eight bear Hang Huang railway construction for the task Railway 15th Bureau Group, the railway, they also explore the "corporate tube project," the main front, an enterprise project management to a higher level of exploration and innovation path Road. Move Management Open change the way the so-called "Corporate pipe project" is in legal entities as the main responsibility of the project, the full exercise of legal persons for the project's management rights, implementation concentrated preparation, centralized management of funds, equipment and materials centralized purchasing, concentration of resources deployment , the project by the legal representative of the exercise of delegated project management authority.

Its biggest advantage is that the shift decision-making power, the project into executive level project management, to maximize corporate level talent, technology, equipment, financial, material and other resources to improve the ability of intensive management of the project security , quality, schedule, cost control of all aspects of the more rigorous.

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At present, Beijing's flooring industry organizations have no plans in this regard. industry sound Beijing should have a minimum standard Lin Dalun Golden Eagle Iger floor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Director Shanghai is about to introduce this procedure is a good move, which regulate the flooring market,irish oak upvc door on ebay to avoid consumer risks have a positive meaning.

Perhaps Beijing should also have something similar to the minimum standard to regulate the installation of the floor. Most of their floor aftermarket installation is window edge seal decking used in the form of workers or outsourcing, in the installation process prone to consumer disputes, which the norms of the flooring market has a great negative effect.

Yang Zhiming composite garden fence Austria Wang Nai Ka-industry management headquarters in China, director of marketing, "the rules" from the installation to the compensation standards such as the floor after-sales service have made very specific provisions, is a positive significance of the standard. To Beijing's market, because there is no similar things, if the industry came forward to do this thing, nature extrusion wpc wall hollow panel the industry has a positive meaning.
A few days later, Jiang led a factory boss in tobacco business representatives, Lo went home each floor of the room after reading it again, said: "I know the situation, as to how the question of compensation, we should detail cases reported to the factory before I can give answer after several twists and turns until mid-June, and finally connected to the phone with the agent, the other was admitted failure of these floors, is the production of machine commissioning caused by improper, but can only compensate 500 yuan, however after less than two weeks, with half the amount reached only half of the floor peeling paint chips, and the area is growing. if according to this rate to fall, then, does not take a year, the floor . <a href="http://exteriorfloor.com/Seven-Trust/wpc-decking/8649.html">my trek deck is very slippery Brazil</a> surface paint on the whole bald Lo has found business representatives claim the floor replaced all new, and compensate for all losses caused by the other party said impatiently: "you want to change your own wholesale unit it! "Since then, no matter how contact Lo, all telephone ginger boss full shutdown, this person seems to evaporate air, what becomes of sight. Two undercover investigation found that cues start from the floor peeling paint, to find the shop owner and the factory representative to "negotiate" for nearly six months, the two sides Lo is like "pass the buck" like kicking, ran back and forth for nearly 30 times, optical communications, travel expenses spent 200 yuan, has been exhausted to endure not say, but also provoke a stomach gas. after receiving complaints, the law enforcement officers to take home the first-Lo card, see the floor and the wear exactly the same complaints, then immediately several in-depth urban decoration materials market, with vendors specializing in flooring business to inquire about the relationship between performance and composite floor price, after several days of thorough investigation, <a href="http://exteriorfloor.com/wpc-project/4666.html">plastic products manufacturers by china</a> basically mastered the hidden mystery, according to insider revealed: the retail price up look, fifty or sixty dollars a square laminate flooring can make do, better quality out of no less than 80 yuan a square, then fine more than $ 100, but less than $ 50 absolutely stand by; from the looks of it, because the machine is making laminate flooring, paving the front surface of pure color pleasing to the eye, normal people can not tell with the naked eye is good or bad. the Lo buy only one square floor value of 40 yuan, it is likely to fail.
At the same time, a second deep into many passers-floor building materials market franchise stores, insinuated to inquire about the whereabouts of the brand floor one day, happiness Road overpass located about 200 meters northeast of wholesale floor finally reveal the end of August the water. law enforcement officers by spying, <a href="http://exteriorfloor.com/Seven-Trust/wpc-decking/15023.html">low maintence fence products</a> and confirmed by Lo, he sold the shop floor is missing from the warehouse of the outflow. September 5, the council sent two undercover to wholesale buy two of the same brand floor, to the City of product quality inspection made physical performance test. to avoid arouse his suspicions, law enforcement officers and nothing to touch the wholesale department, but sent secretly riveted. national technical standards, the floor wear revolution is greater than or equal to 6000 rpm, and the detection wear limit of the sample is less than 900 rpm. "several law enforcement officers carefully checked again and found that nearly 70 square meters of the house, from the south end to the north end of the yard stood a stack of stack of crates filled the floor, only the middle leaving a narrow path for people to walk, except on the package marked with the words of a Wood Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, but also marked with the words certain trademarks, specifications, grade, area and other indicators. Law enforcement officers seized from the scene of the discovery record sales, flooring business at least since last October began. <a href="http://exteriorfloor.com/Seven-Trust/wpc-decking/12735.html">best price composite decking Iceland</a> Law enforcement officers are 13 types (surface color) Total 1100 tank floor inventory is completed, do a site inspection record, issued a "property list" and "detention (Archive) property notice", the scene seized the records of the sales , payment receipt together with all floors simultaneously sealed. When the time of signature requires two parties to start life and death of the young woman also refused to sign, a signature law enforcement officers say the same legal liability, this reluctantly wrote down his name. According to the Bureau the person in charge, the scene seized the floor sample has been sent to the city of Quality Supervision, Inspection made further physical performance testing, until the final outcome, which will be punished in accordance with legal procedures.
In recent years, laminate flooring on the market with its wear-resistant, easy care, easy pavement and welcomed by consumers. Because of its many varieties, from time to time the introduction of new manufacturers, new products, so in the home decoration and wood consumption, laminate flooring market account for a large proportion. Buy laminate plastic railroad ties for playground flooring, it is more emphasis on the color of the floor, and the pursuit of a coherent style decoration, furniture mix of color, which is obviously the main reason for the decision to purchase.
But buyers of the floor surface technical attention and inquiry is obviously inadequate, often induced by the manufacturer to promote its rather obscure truth. Many were separated from their tricks in addition to color, to distinguish between different patterns, market embossed laminate hand railing for outdoor steps flooring, double wear, crystal, high-gloss, silk, wove, a pretty face, and so different. According to Power Dekor Group Qingdao Branch of technical personnel, with Power Dekor for example, the relief structure is the use of 5600 tons of short-period continuous press the world's most advanced German Di Bake company provides complex process pressure of 40kg / cm2 , single-chip lamination area of ??11 square meters of alloy stainless steel plate, embossed surface to ensure a high degree of reflection and reflective uniformity, high purity surface material and high pressure to ensure continuous suppression of the surface structure of the microstructure continuously, and keep the surface clean . The planar technology is to allow rejected uneven floor surface texture can penetrate the surface of the composite decking with flower box floor was moist and delicate, and beautiful from the inside out to reveal, finish, texture, brightness, density, more bright presented.
Pretty cool summer favored surface plane and relief products, although very different, but different consumer preferences, select Points are bound to be different. According Dekor introduction, recently dubbed the "glory streamline pretty face" improved plane laminate flooring particularly favored in market consumption. Irritability hot summer, people like grounds (plate) and sit, skin and interlocking plastic exterior panels 4ftx8ft floor with "pro." Streamline floor surface luster pretty clear cool people cool heart.
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