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What do you think the past five years has given the market a seven trust brand? Ruji Yong: It should be said that there are two points, one is relying on technological innovation, a high starting point to enter, quickly seize the market. The other is the implementation of brand strategy, brand marketing.modern 2 story floor plans with rooftop In 2002 we will be the country's market network to do a good foundation for the structure.

2003 seven trust floor is a new tactic, the second generation of products, "three-lock green core thick carved leather surface, feather silk floor," turned out,offices decorative wood cladding opened the wood floor market popular answer, launched the Flooring industry a new round of shuffle offensive.

Bold opening star strategy,how much can a deck cost from the Rosamund Kwan to Real Madrid six children, this year within the ring buckle firmly in the seven trust floor in the floor industry position. Then you do out of the product quality is stable.
This week, a serious decline in trading volume, the market that is not surprising, because of the popularity of bamboo flooring in the market is not high,wood deck designs applications very few operators of bamboo flooring dealers, bamboo flooring just as a kind of flooring sales, dealers There is no sales in the bamboo flooring and promotion too much energy from top to bottom.

At present, wpc decking offers in denmark the international timber market in Guangdong Yuzhu single-layer carbonized bamboo flooring 610 �� 125 �� 15mm offer for 148 yuan / m2.Reporter learned yesterday from the Guangzhou Timber Exhibition notice, in recent years, China has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the development of forestry industry and strengthen the support and guidance for the development of forestry industry, wood plastic composite board supplier industrial agglomeration degree has been greatly improved.

China has become the world's forest products Production and trading power, wood-based panels, wood flooring production is ranked first in the world. Insiders pointed out that this year's global composite deck materials comparison economic instability increased, but the wood-based panels, wood flooring and other forestry-related products demand remained steady upward trend.
This shows that such a poor quality of the flooring board to strengthen the impact of the wood flooring market will be much impact on how bad. So,panel face average cost why fall into the "five inferior plate" in the market some disappeared? The original, in September to strengthen the wooden floor into the beginning of the season.

the 15 domestic most famous laminate flooring manufacturers, strong combination,how to attach a chain link fence to a wood retaining wall set up in Shanghai, "National Laminate Flooring Enterprise Alliance" and signed the "Shanghai Convention" This is the strengthening of the floor this year, Vaughan floor, faux deck tiles sale "five bad board" hand, the main reason for escape. Of course, to prevent and rebound, will be the future "Union" a long-term task.

Fake and strengthen the floor has the following characteristics: 1. Usually inexpensive domestic decorative wood grain paper, this grainy paper in addition to pattern blur, composite hand rail for a balcony the biggest drawback is generally not resistant to ultraviolet light, sunlight will fade.How to overwinter? Floor furniture enterprises have entered the electricity market in Sichuan, a factory floor factory on behalf of Mr. Qiu told reporters that the first half of this year, a variety of home building materials network frequently emerge, competing for business settled.
Traditional laminate impact resistance veranda deck railing flooring is only 8 mm thick, due to the thickness of the thin, there is lack of flexibility, the foot is too hard, easy to produce noise and other defects.
seven trust real wood flooring for the traditional laminate flooring defects, the use of the thickness of 11 mm of the environmental protection of the substrate, from the foundation to ensure that the floor to the foot of the sense of solid wood. In order to surpass the solid wood wood plastic decorative wall panel to achieve a more comfortable and more flexible foot feeling.
The blessing of the real floor in the discount decking in uk floor under the moisture layer specially designed 2 mm thick from New Zealand imports of natural and high quality softwood cork processing layer, with pavement The use of moisture-proof anti-bacterial mat, the experiment proved to reduce the surface noise 13db.
In addition, when the "low-carbon green" concept into the hearts of the people since the advocacy of green and healthy low-carbon flooring, environmental protection,cheap way to cover patio deck wood flooring has become a fashion choice and decoration trend. Therefore, the low-carbon environmental protection has outstanding performance of the three-layer parquet, multi-layer parquet is also particularly "popular".

In addition,price of wall cladding bangalore the face of the adverse economic situation in 2010, flooring companies to take a variety of marketing measures, but also for the continued growth of annual sales provided a guarantee. Among them, including the purchase of floor to send home basement wall panels cost appliances and a series of innovative marketing model.

as well as corporate profits from the promotion, are making the floor sales there has been substantial growth, especially some first-line floor brand enterprises.rooftop deck cost The wooden building materials to the countryside by the pilot to open the flooring business to 34 market extension of the pace of the drainage market, but also to the floor of the enterprise another piece of broad development.
seven trust real wood floor in the design know that perception and foot feeling is only the external quality of the floor, and the intrinsic quality of the real wood extruded plastic decking floor is more important to the health and interests of consumers.
In order to allow consumers to enjoy both comfort and have a healthy, blessing million people on the floor investment, the introduction of the United States advanced AF aldehyde reduction production line, a few have the Asian production line of wood fire resistant 2 foot wooden fence flooring manufacturing enterprises. The production of formaldehyde through this production line is less than 0.5mg / l formaldehyde release, only the national standard of 1/3 (national standard of 1.5mg / l), to the European EO level.
Environmental protection of raw materials and environmental protection technology to create a blessing people real wood floor natural feel, natural and fresh environmental quality, so that every piece of real wood laminate flooring looks like decking flooring with a truly excellent environmental performance.
Dazhuang floor will also be organized; Expo bamboo tour, with friends to visit the Expo at the same time experience the big shop on the Expo pavement; bamboo;non slippery composite decking portugal the use of materials.

It is reported that July 18 is the Expo Le Mayer,fence build lumber Le Mai floor will also be held at the Belgian Pavilion at the Expo related celebrations, and will invite the industry and invite consumers to participate. Expo has been held for more than two months,polyethylene retaining wall design many companies have organized a number of flooring activities, the World Expo will be inspired by the Expo after the Expo has been in the embryonic form of the Expo, how to make good use of the Expo, the event marketing, Loyalty.

driven sales floor business has already started operations, Power Dekor is also the purchase of nearly 5,000 tickets to organize consumer visits. wpc decking bahrain Many industry insiders suggest that although many companies are not involved in the Expo project, but they can advocate the Expo; low-carbon, environmental protection; run through to the corporate culture which can be a starting point to organize a; Expo tour;
At present, the use of resin surface technology of the electric floor, only the sound of live sound built to import the three generations of electric where to buy cheap wood floor floor.
According to the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the floor test shows that the performance is better than the wooden floor of the floor, in the resistance to cold and heat cycle test, 180-degree heat and dry heat resistance test, surface cracking test outstanding performance, In the ordinary composite landscaping timber flower box floor several times, and the floor surface with antibacterial function.
It is understood that the resin skin electric floor safety and reliability, on behalf of the world trend of the best price on tambo composite wood floor flooring industry, in particular, Japan is the first choice for residential class A.
Buy floor three Notes 1. In the purchase of the floor when the first full professional advice on the wooden floor of the national standards, industry regulations be aware of, such as solid wood armor garage decking products flooring species name, moisture content, paint the surface of the wear Indicators and floor manufacturers to implement the national standards and product quality levels, etc ..
To maintain a high awareness of the rights of the purchase of the wood clading panels floor in the formal contract when the merchant marked the product quality levels and related matters to prevent the business after the buck-passing responsibility .
due to the wooden floor has a natural property, the surrounding climate changes in dry and wet climate, will produce a slight change in the wood Replacement slats for glider bench floor, and even more than the standard deformation occurs, then in time to find manufacturers to remedy.
Deep red decoration can bring out the luxury, White birch wood floor to make the room comfortable and clear; birch flooring can make a small room looks clean and not crowded; walnut cheapest composite decking suppliers flooring is dignified and noble; oak flooring in the United States is very popular, If the character is willing to highlight, decorated with some parquet flooring, you can receive unexpected results ... ...
In fact, the floor should also consider the choice of room color options. Such as the living room is the home of the most public places, but also the daily activities and reception guests the main place, it is appropriate to adopt high transparency, soft colors to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere wpc outdoor garden fence agents.
bedroom is for rest, people relax places, Should be used warm or neutral color of the for wood flooring floor level vs tiles floor, giving a quiet, comfortable feeling.
Recently, Miss Tian reflected, her home is nearing completion of the renovation, the workers in order to catch the construction period, asked the floor pavement, she would like to know the weather can pave the can you use railroad ties in childrens playground floor?
To avoid the "sauna days," a more sensible flooring flooring sales department responsible person to strengthen the composite tongue and groove porch flooring price floor, the floor sales this year, the overall increase is steadily, and some decline in June and July.
sales fell 20%, which is mainly Because the two months is the off-season, the weather makes the choice of decoration during this period of relatively less people outdoor deck alternatives.
This year the floor brand began to pay more attention to the product itself, but with the popularity of some solid wood category, the market began to have a number of self-created concept of publicity,gas grill mats for patios leading to the concept of fuzzy consumers is not clear.

China Timber Circulation Association, said the floor of the professional committee, said Gao Zhihua, from a professional point of view and consumer awareness, the flooring industry generally in accordance with product structure classification, usually only divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring,synthetic grass for pontoon boats bamboo flooring and Cork flooring five categories.

And like the "new solid wood", "super solid wood",pvc fence surrounds yard "imitation wood" such flooring names are conceptualized product name, is the floor business for differentiation, but also to have more selling points, to introduce their own improved new products Name, not the academic name of the floor category, it is impossible to replace the real solid wood flooring location.
After the laying of the bridge deck only coated with a layer of protective paint, showing the color of logs corrosion resistant simple outdoor deck.
And home improvement floor, it is not a rectangular piece of wood scattered laying, but by the 3.5 meters long to 4 meters wide and 95 mm of the laying of wood, seams nail with nails. Yesterday, the Golden Bridge East Bridge is laying the second homemade outdoor fire pit floor of the floor, the second half of the West Bridge has been laid.
As the wood did not do conservation, in order to prevent ultraviolet radiation, construction workers in its upper layer of nylon woven bags impact resistance split rail fence.
13, all members and government leaders, film stars at the foot of the Great Wall of the Badaling afforestation - opened "I planted trees for the Earth"scratch resistant deck prices activities of the big screen.

In the "I planted trees for the Earth" activities, will also hold the national "double 30" to the China Green Foundation donation ceremony. Recently held in Changzhou, Changzhou,diy or build or install porch railing China International Flooring Expo press conference, the China Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang Linlin disclosed China's flooring enterprises to deal with "the United States 337 investigation" the latest progress: the response of the Chinese flooring companies after three rounds of investigation Evidence, trial and preliminary ruling, composite decking subfloor in Lesotho "there have been the dawn of victory", which Changzhou enterprises played a pivotal role.

In July last year, Unilin, wood used outside decks the Netherlands, accused the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) of infringing on its US-based application of 486, 779, 836, 292, and 17 large wooden flooring manufacturers in the United States under Section 337 Floor patented technology.
August 21, Foshan City, a world famous decorative floor formal introduction of a sterile flooring store floor, the original antibacterial universal design deck gates reviews floor of the passive resistance to bacterial performance "upgrade" to take the initiative to kill the performance of bacteria.
It is understood that the bactericidal floor has bactericidal ability because it contains nano-titanium dioxide components, this component is excited to produce super-oxidizing power, can destroy bacteria, viruses, cell membrane, so that loss of activity in order to achieve capture, kill The role of planktonic bacteria and viruses in the air 100 feet of pine fence.
According to reports, the sterilization floor price is 138 yuan / square meters, there are many people in the industry concerned about the sterilization composite decking for floor of boat floor!
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