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energy saving than other plastic doors and Windows doors and Windows in the aspect of saving energy and improving indoor thermal environment, has a more superior technical characteristics.Built according to the institute's institute test, single glass steel, aluminium window heat transfer coefficient of 64 w/M2K;Heat transfer coefficient of the single glass model steel window is around 47 w/M2K;Normal double glass steel,

aluminium window heat transfer coefficient is about 3.7 W/M2K;The double glass plastic steel window heat transfer coefficient is about 2.5 W/M2K.Doors and Windows accounts for 30% of the area of the building envelope, the heat dissipating capacity 49%, therefore, model steel window has a good energy-saving efficiency.3, sound insulation, good sound insulation properties of steel aluminium window of about 19 decibels,

sound insulation performance of the model steel window can reach 30 decibels.In the increasingly noisy city environment, using the model steel window can make indoor environment more comfortable.According to the information provided by the Japanese, to achieve the same reduce noise, install aluminium window of buildings and the distance of the road must be up to 50 meters, and install model steel window reach 18 meters.According to the labor protection institute detection,
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is a set design, sales, brand management in an enterprise.Mainly engaged in children's dining chair, baby strollers and baby bedding series of children's products production and management.Which produce baby eat desk and chair set quality, luxury, in a solid, high-grade, and detail processing human nature reflects the humanity care, perfect.The price is more expensive.Three babies eat desk and chair brand: ma master is a baby eat desk and chair brand one of the production.Especially the solid wood multi-function eat desk and chair by consumer recognition.

Master's baby eat desk and chair for the baby has a few benefits: 1, develop the good habit of eating;2, strengthen good self-confidence, because learning adults eating will be encouraged to praise;Multi-function combination, let the healthy growth of babies can use it to do more useful things;4, environmental protection, health, good solid wood as raw materials, using environmental protection paint,

ensure that Bob. Good health.Mid-range price.Four babies eat desk and chair brand: Kang Beikang paypal treasure eat desk and chair to "creation of parenting, assist parenting partner" to the attitude of the enterprise, designed to convey the "happiness, high quality".Its products belong to product of infants and young children in high-end class, both the price of end products,
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and let the children get in the habit of early to bed and early to rise.The above content is house small make up to share with you the children room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy and installation guide, I hope it can help you, if you want to learn more knowledge of children room lamps and lanterns, please continue to focus on house decoration.Children are more than a year old likes his steak meal,

but always eat everywhere, but if you use the baby eat desk and chair can help your child get rid of this bad habit.Protect children from eating baby eat desk and chair can help to form a good habit, also can exercise the baby's hand, eye, and brain coordination ability.Baby eat desk and chair brand: little dragon, Peter lee, he is good boy children's products co., LTD., a subsidiary of the infant child brand,

the main products are baby lathe.Has the world first-class professional production equipment and strict quality system, the international first-class brand products constantly to all over the world from here every day.Solid wood dining table is currently on taobao's best-selling children from xiao ha, free combination, as a table, desk, chairs, very practical.In the mid-range price.Babies eat desk and chair brand 2: love aing love note is Hong Kong 3 d industrial company in China, a subsidiary,
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"Integrity decoration" and "service competition" this year will be the theme of the decoration industry best floor deck review . Set up the correct view of competition, to provide consumers with true, perfect service, will become a new trend of development holds the market. In 2004, the home installs market entered a competing with large integrated enterprise evolution period wood composite fences in usa . Practice has proved that if blindly rely on the compression cost,
through quality service at the expense of the primary level of price competition as a means of marketing, will inevitably impact the healthy development of the industry. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition sliding closet fence wood composite ? the enterprise should stand at a new height to rethink the importance of service for enterprise survival and development.
Service is the development of an enterprise. In the past, the most decorated enterprises focus on the design and construction stage, along with management idea, the different enterprise scale timber tech composite deck tongue grove , strategic target, etc, the so-called "quality service" is just stay on the surface of "form" or "slogan" stage,
knowledgeable.2, rotation Angle to the bookcase space to use more reasonable bookcase Angle design make full use of the furniture often only as part of the decoration in the space with the corner space functional and decorative effect, especially the corner bookcase in irregular, corner more spatial structure is very appropriate.Also 3, corner bookcase can match more casual corner of the bookcase that sells in the market a lot can be convenient disassembly, free combination,

can be used as a corner bookcase, bookcase can corner the two parts of independent split apart, and even some corner bookcase to building blocks into a smaller, more small units, can be more free placed in different positions of the space, a bit like a kid piling up his building blocks.Corner of the bookcase advantages and matters needing attention of choose and buy house small make up is introduced here,

hope to help you choose and bookcase.Learn more knowledge of furniture, welcome to continue to focus on house decoration strategy.Inflatable bed is made use of polymer flocking materials, the material is thicker than the general plastic, and is better than general plastic toughness, can withstand the impact of the very large, it is not easy to be burst.So, inflatable bed?The following and see it.
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to overcome the "jointing deformation" and "shape" and "using deformation" these three problems how build watertight deck for cheap . Compared with the traditional wood floor, has a great change in the shop is on the way. Besides cohesion type according to the grain of the floor shop outfit, especially along the horizontal and vertical directions of the vertical board wood fence ,
"people" glyph composition makes the fashion and design of the floor and optional combination and match possible. Seven kinds of typical spelling and dozens of alternative designs. in order to ensure the products on the direction of 360 degrees of installation accuracy 84 lumber decking fence materials , for the sides of the product must have a lock structure.
Need strong raw materials, technology, production and installation service system as a guarantee. 08:27 January 6, 2005 Beijing morning post household building materials industry through ups and downs in 2004, ushered in the vagaries of 2005 impact resistance garden fence design , the industry has said that this year's building materials market is very weak; Some people say that city,
Toilet ground cannot ignore the antiskid effect of ceramic tile.3, bathroom tile color you can follow the collocation principle: 1, the color of wall brick floor tile.2, white wall brick is the joker style.3, cold, warm color is unfavorable collocation.If someone think collocation is very troublesome, still can choose manufacturers supporting the production of hutch defends brick (tiles, flower, waist line),

namely beautiful and convenient.Second, the ceramic tile of choose and buy toilet note 1, pay attention to the toilet whole layout according to own hobby and field layout, selected from the floor tile of brand, specifications, color.2, toilet color see color of choose and buy, when choosing to ceramic tile on the distance of 0.8 m outside the color patterns are consistent.3, size to standard size uniform,

uniform thickness, when choosing any smoke in a case of a few pieces to compete.See if consistent.4, when consumer is buying ceramic tile is in line with the gb standard is important to note whether it conform to the state promulgated indicated green health standards such as logos or text, don't buy 3 without ceramic tile products.Floor tile of wall of 5, the crack resistance of ceramic tile of choose and buy,
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but in the head of a bed or the end of the bed.This is a kind of special design.Worm in comfortable bed, can also get to see of book, is a kind of very comfortable feeling, this kind of pursuit of comfortable and convenient nature in young children will be without reservation.Like reading have a dream, have a belong to his study, and put a bookcase, with the book that oneself like, have the window have sunshine,

leisure reading outdoor landscape with a cup of tea.Good things are all small parts together.Play house small make up in this article is about the study of bookcase type and maintenance skills, you will learn to love bookcase.A type bookcase, bookcase type style is various, according to the material classification there are two main types: wooden bookcase and glass bookcase.

Wooden bookcase let a person feel the taste of a scholarly family.From the ancient wooden bookcase continues today, occupying most of the market.The grade of the wooden bookcase and price is affected by its main material, mainly divided into solid wood, mahogany, pine.The different material, do manual work is different, the price also is different.
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convenient take;Instead of the commonly used in the drawer of the desk, less extensive.Tip: such general desk and computer desk, so point of choice is also very important, especially can display the location of the best in for the position of the keyboard.

hidden under the bed of a layer 2 double bed in the study, and below is a small study, desk and bookshelf.Bed is arguably the most versatile combination.Features: make the best use of the space, bed and study in the same position of different heights, is suitable for small room, so I can make a lot of position.But due to the above is the bed board, so the low space could lead to more depressive feeling, is not suitable for children,

taller.Tip: because in the bottom of the bed board, so the lighting is one of the biggest problems, choose lamp selection should be more bright, or set a few lights, or in the case of insufficient light source to read, easy to cause the loss of vision;Choose light color series desk and bookshelf, so that the small study looks bright point.4, the bookcase of bed is suitable for the pursuit of reading is very comfortable bed, bookcase not in bed,
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Such as gypsum, talc powder, sandstone anti skidding for boat decking , wood, some natural stone material and so on. 2. Low toxicity, low emission type. Which is processed or synthesis technology to control the accumulation of poisonous and harmful substances and slow release natural composite decks for pontoons , because of its mild toxicity,
decorative materials do not constitute a risk to human health. Such as formaldehyde release a quantity to lower, meet the national standard of big core board, plywood, fiberboard plastic timber floor gold coast , etc. 3. The current science and technology and detection means can't identify and evaluate the material with the effect of toxic substances.
Such as environmental protection paint, chemical synthetic materials such as environmental protection paint nice composite garden benches sale . These materials in the present is non-toxic harmless, but with the development of science and technology, the future may have the possibility of the recognition.
safe hanging design, cross flow wind warm, low noise automatic temperature control, automatic overheat protection swing blade, large angle to send warm for 15 hours the timing function remote control function 3, Saiyi (Shinee) wall type heater KT-2000 latest price: $148 product specifications: 565x154x235mm Product Description: two gear power, cool file selection, to meet the different needs; the PTC heating module, green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, safety, long service life; cooling hole,

Saiyi science design the radiating surface, powerful cooling, maximum heat; large air outlet, more warm air machine with warm area to send? Warm air blower and heater which good? Heater and heater in price There is not much difference on the grid, under the same power, the heater heating efficiency is high, the heater opened the room soon hot,

and the heater is over a period of time to let people clearly feel the heating effect; but the heater radiating area than the heater, it can only be according to which the direction where the warm and warm air blower is able to make the whole room warm; warm air machine also has a little defect of hot air blowing is easy to dry skin. In addition, most of these electric heaters have waterproof function,
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never only said he sold as a consumer brand is good, but you don't know what is good, can not be trusted. Small house in this paper about wall mounted heaters, also will recommend three heater brands for consumers. Wall type heater which is better? First, introduce a simple heater brand to you. The United States, is a leader in Emmett fan, also enjoys a good reputation in the market. In addition, GREE, AUCMA, SANYO, pioneer,

Royalstar, Fusibo and so on in the heaters and other household appliances industry is also a good choice. Wall type heater which is better? Come to the following small we introduced several currently on the market hot wall type heater. Wall type heater NTG20-10F1 1, beauty of the latest price: $299 product specifications: 570x265x170mm Product Description: 2000/1200W power two adjustable; PTC ceramic heating,

high thermal efficiency, safety and energy saving; wall type air blower, cross flow wind warm, quiet and low noise; IPX2 waterproof grade, suitable in the dual bath. 2, pioneer wall type heater HN11PB-20R latest price: $429 for commodity specifications: 600x260x190mm area: 10-25 square meters of Product Description: PTC ceramic heating, high thermal efficiency,
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the laid of real wood floor or compound floor, near area of the waterproof problems should be paid attention to.6, there is no staff on duty, should shut the window.If the ventilation period, should try to avoid the typhoon season.7, regular cleaning drain, in order to avoid congestion caused flooding accident.Four, prevent dangerous decorate material placed properly, pointed objects to the appropriate protection, prevent collision injury. small metal parts to place, especially a nail.Scrap wood nail nails,

pressed bending in a timely manner. the work high above the safety measures is to work with sufficient aerial work equipment.4, solid ceilings, engineering, installation, lamps and lanterns, must play expansion screws, play a little more in one thousand.5, should by formal training personnel to operate all kinds of construction machinery and take necessary safety measures.Be careful especially chainsaw, high-pressure nail gun safe use of machinery.Decorate a project risk, though not nearly as construction industry but still need to be careful.

wire and row seat unfavorable walks about on the ground, more unfavorable on the rolling. electrical, pipe is prohibited in the water, so as to avoid personal injury when leakage occurs. electrical, pipe surface if there is any breakage, and should be replaced in a timely manner.4, power box to install the necessary grounding line and leakage protection switch.5, electrician electrical by formal training should be responsible for the project.
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should install a floor drain and diversion tube.The above content is the electric water heater installation methods, hope for your help, decorate to learn more knowledge, please continue to focus on house decoration.Oven of the right of use, relationship to the family's safety.To use the electric oven, right healthy house small make up in the use of electric oven use and use the matters needing attention, hope to help everyone.A,

how do you use the electric oven, electric oven, 1 put.This is needless to say, we all know that electric put, electric oven, too, should be placed flat solid place, and ensure that it can be fixed, pay attention to the use of the power supply, electrical outlet should correspond and kept clean. control the temperature.When used according to the variety of food and weight to appropriate adjust the cooking time,

frozen food and lean meat barbecue will be slightly long, remember to turn it in baking food heated evenly, don't work in the electric oven frequently open the oven door to avoid heat losses. pay attention to the normal phenomenon, and heat insulation.If it is baked food, with moisture oven door will appear water vapor condensation;But there will be if you are barbecue meat lampblack, this is normal phenomenon.But pay attention to is the electric oven after work will be very hot,
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have the shell protection to prevent the water and steam in the gaps in the plug and socket connection.Socket vertically as far as possible, if the installation on the wall and other objects, should as far as possible away from water or shower, bath and bath in the water, water is best cannot direct contact.Socket should be easy to connect,

to prevent the power supply wire pull, touched, because of bad connection electric spark is produced.Longer power leads should be bundled, adhesion and fixed to the moving objects.5, the requirement of water in order to ensure the best use effect, electric water heater electric water heater in the water pipes to best less than three meters, after the first close after you use electricity shut water,

lest cause dry takeoff or overtemperature.Rapid electric water heater not use multiple water supply, such as water must be more road, must be professionals for installation guide.When installing the water heater must be installed in inlet Angle valve.6, electric water heater to the requirement of installation position should be installed in a dry place, ensure the water spray is less than required ventilation is good, drainage condition,
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