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see a street straight at front and like a tiger head on straight, is very unfavorable.More important because straight at driving fast on the road when the traffic and noise impact households will continue through the balcony, disturb peace life field, affect the residents a quiet atmosphere, very detrimental to the health of the household.

The balcony should not be in the face of sharp corners rush shoot in traditional Chinese thinking, suki harmony, and especially sensitive to Angle, should try to avoid.If front of the balcony have pointed to rush shoot, you must try to resolve.General common Angle, mostly in the sharp corner of the adjacent buildings, these pointed straight blunt come over,

the nearer the tip is more conducive to the house.3. The balcony should not be in the face of zigzag now some European style of house building, in order to increase the interior space and light wind, add a large bay window, so the exterior easy to form the peak phase, looks like a row of sharply serrate.4. The balcony should not be in the face of the arch has a city street straight, if from outside the balcony, see the street in front of bending,
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outward to living in feng shui has strong strong role, so evergreen leaves the bigger the better, and should maintain a long green evergreen.Money tree name beauty, round blade thick plump, easy to grow, exuberant vitality, absorb foreign gold, the home money.Cycas, also known as dragon's blood tree cycas in Brazil is the most popular on the market.Cycas leaves is long and narrow, the central macular, cycas implies strong, perfect residential vitality,

is one of the important to grow the plant.Brown bamboo dried stem thicker, longer and narrower leaves because of tree-trunks palm, and named Ye Ruzhu, brown bamboo in the balcony, insurable home safe.Rich tree, also known as the peanut, its characteristic is dry stems stout, long, green tree leaf and resistance to a long, vigorous vitality.Cash cow blade tall,

blackish green color, shade plant, rich flavor.In general, the balcony of feng shui for popular role plants are tall and strong, not only large and thick green is more beautiful, for example, the above mentioned evergreen, money tree, bamboo Brazil cycas, brown and rich tree are very typical example.Second, balcony geomantic avoid six 1. Straight at the balcony should not be in the face of street if from outside the balcony,
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refrigeration situation will be different.If the refrigerator cooled appear between not ice failure, can check whether fan refrigerator under normal operation: open the refrigerator freezer door, with his hand holding the box mouth edge button (the button control indoor lighting when opening the door and stop the fan work), check the fan is working,

also causes the fridge no refrigeration fan doesn't work.The solution: capillary or blockage in a dryer, outlet are fever, therefore, to tear open come down to clear!In addition, the household refrigerator generally have ZhiLengShi and between cold type two kinds, ZhiLengShi refers to directly by the evaporator (cooling pipe) and frozen,

chamber heat transfer and purpose of cooling;Between cold type refers to the evaporator (cooling pipe) separated and freezing, cold storage, by a fan blowing air into the cooling refrigeration, cold storage and to achieve.Refrigeration effect is poor solution refrigeration effect is poor is not all the fridge malfunction problems,
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is not a good omen, so in front of the sofa tea table shoulds not be too big.If on the tea table in front of the sofa area is too big, this is the pattern of a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, can be free, free, in order to avoid go restless, resolving method, the most simple equal to replace a small tea table, the two sides cooperate to sentient beings, is neither an eyesore, and conform to the feng shui.Second,

the location of the tea table In the living room, usually placed in front of the sofa beside or tea table.In terms of feng shui, it should be put on both sides of the sofa tea table, the blessing of this on both sides of the tea table is like a dragon, white tiger around, make people have a right-hand man on assisted;Put a piece of tea table to each side of the sofa can also play the role of mutual echo.Three, put tea table Choose tea table, should be based on principles of low and flat.If people sit in the sofa,

tea table high knees, however, is a more ideal.In addition, put in front of the sofa tea table must have enough space, if sofa and tea table too close to the distance, have a lot of inconvenience.Four shapes of the shape of the tea table, tea table, ideal with rectangle and oval, round can also;Tea table, be sure to avoid with sharp corners.Some young friends like the tea table of distinctive modelling, but from the perspective of feng shui,
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the principle of sufficient cooling.Second, how to maintain good refrigerator 1. Regular cleaning of the compressor and condenser compressor and condenser is one of the important refrigeration parts, refrigerator if touch dirt will affect the heat dissipation,

cause parts to shorten the service life, refrigeration effect.Therefore, regularly check that they are dirty, dirty will be clean.Use completely flat back design of refrigerator, of course, does not need to consider the problem.Because hang back of the refrigerator condenser, compressor are bare outside, touch dirt easily, spider webs, etc.And smooth back of the refrigerator condenser,

compressor is hidden inside, see above will not happen.2. Regularly clean the refrigerator inside the refrigerator using time grew, the smell of the refrigerator will be very bad, even grow bacteria, affect the taste, so the refrigerator after use end of time, to bring out the food inside the refrigerator,
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Paint technological innovation, constantly improve the quality the advantages of using wood waste of secondary raw material , by ordinary paint turning to high wear resistance of the paint. - market changes.
Along with the progress of globalization, our country real wood timber clad bungalow design floor is in addition to continue to meet the needs of the domestic market, more and more abroad. In recent years, more and more enterprises export floor Hanover, Germany install laminate flooring at outside , the United States in Las Vegas and other important international exhibitions, in January 2005, organization of association of industry of Chinese forest products more than a dozen companies created using hannover , global fame in Europe.
The production of archaize floor, outdoor floor and sauna synthetic wood fences panels have arisen in the international market. Developed markets than domestic consumption habits and understanding more rational, more environmentally friendly.
able to withstand the lampblack machine itself weight and pressure during operation on it.When buy, will it into consideration.Cabinet smoke lampblack machine cabinet take lampblack chance Is composed of smoke ark and dedicated lampblack machine, a cone-shaped lampblack ark, after the fan running, form a negative pressure zone inside ark,

external to internal air supplement, smoke ark in front of the openings to form an air inlet, soot and other exhaust gas cannot escape, to ensure that soot and nox net rate.Cabinet smoke lampblack machine high smoking rates, without hanging, there is no drilling, installation problems, do not need to consider the kitchen walls bear ability,

it should be said that at this point the comprehensive advantages of thin and deep type lampblack machine.However, because of the limitation of smoke ark baffle around make the operator when cooking, there are some limitations and the inconvenience for this reason,
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eliminate ShaQi sharp corners.5, with wooden fence evil spirit with low ark, or tall ark fill pointed up, let the Angle.At present, the smoke lampblack machine on the market have a thin, deep type, cabinet type three kinds, consumer is when the choose and buy,

should be determined according to the specific pattern and individual be fond of of the kitchen type to buy.Let's take a look at thin, deep type, the advantages and disadvantages of cabinet three smoke lampblack machine and the key points of choose and buy.Thin smoke lampblack machine thin smoke lampblack machine light weight, small volume,

easy to hang, but the light-weight design and low power of motor, make quite a number of cooking oil fume can be incorporated into suction range, have a chance to escape from indoor, its smoke exhaust rate is significantly lower than the other two kinds of models.So,
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flat, and the feeling of lost.So it's best to undertake collocation according to the colour of furniture or choose subdued color.Add lining cloth avoid fade some natural materials such as cotton and silk and other materials used to make curtains, after long-term sun exposure, will fade.The fabric on the back with a layer of lining cloth can effectively prevent fade, also can increase the thickness of the fabric,

make the visual effect of the curtain is more level.The home has children don't pack hanging ornaments hanging on the curtain, ropes and is a potential hazard.The home has children should try to avoid buying curtains with ropes.If buy, better be safe protection, puts the curtain rope position out of the reach of children.Living room Angle and beam is the same,

can be free, free, can't be avoided, must find a way to resolve.Because of sharp corners not only security in of living room, also destroy the beautiful home.Encounter this kind of circumstance, can dissolve the Angle in the following ways. with the flower-stand hollowed pointing middle part of the evil spirit, the design of multilayer flower-stand an arc,
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in this case, the main gate or susceptible to adverse events.5. The bad things happen most easily geomantic pattern;Scissors evil spirit, it is the pattern of the appearance is like a pair of scissors, scissors made it is pointed out that the house is located in the corner of the intersection of things,

that is to say within two acute Angle.Just like we get the scissors to cut something, this kind of accident of casualties is seen most commonly.Screen in the role of household is divisional space and privacy protection, and has a long history.In feng shui, the screen can also improve the effect of feng shui.Screen can stop evil spirit, can accumulate,

you can also add indoor reiki, below we specific is in geomantic go up to the role of the screen.1. The screen is blocked evil spirit Such as live suite toilet flush to the bed, then you can put a screen blocking foul gas, if the door to door, also can use screen;The money just above the aisle in the home, unable to hide the wind to get together gas,
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Environmental monitoring center of yinchuan since the second half of 2001 by the end of 2002 non absorbent sand plastics composites decking, a total of 13 sets of private residential and office 10 indoor air were tested.
Which kind of room bedroom formaldehyde average concentration of 0.3 milligrams per cubic meter waterproof flooring for kitchens, and 2.7 times, which is 100%.
Hall class average formaldehyde concentration in room of 0.23 milligrams per cubic meter faux wrought iron panels for decking, and 1.6 times, which is 95%.
Real wood floor is lumber spell, after processing of plate, with warm soft, natural, sound insulation, the foot feels good, etc. So, real wood floor is how to choose? The ground condition of the bedroom should consider when select material, for example bungalow or building ground floor, because the direct contact with the ground, humidity is big, should choose Chinese catalpa wood, Korean pine, white pine timber effect wall cladding, after the three wood be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape not easily.
Solid mu fu joins a floor board base material is solid wood chinaren, so in addition to formaldehyde release a quantity, other analogous to the choice of real wood easy installation wood plastic process. Formaldehyde release a quantity to our country national standard regulation, not more than 1.5 mg/L are in line with national standards.
Can ask the operator for testing data, also can open the bags packing, take out the floor, near the how to installing veranda decks materials, his nose smell the smell, if smell a strong pungent formaldehyde, exceeds the standard of formaldehyde concentration in the air.
installation sequence

there is a problem has been all doubts, are backing to install floor or install door first?Installed if the first floor, the door may occur when the floor is the phenomenon of scratch, if install the door first, may cause the combination between between door and floor has a crack.Whether to install the door or first floor installation,

has its advantages and disadvantages.So, let's look at how expert advice.Installed a, first floor brick paving the sitting room, bedroom door if home floor, namely not dormintory floor, so need not consider, choose to install door directly.If the floor is spread of real wood floor in the home, then install door first priority,

because compared with compound floor of real wood floor is more vulnerable to damage, so as to protect the floor from scratching.So in general, the door and the floor of the installation sequence of exactly how, from a professional point of view, many experts suggest first floor,
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Well-known manufacturers chengtai company in the industry of real wood floor first puts forward to a brand to ensure the real wood opaque composite paneling on iron fence of eight advocate trigger a strong focus on consumers.
In guarantee under the premise of leading technology, adopts the raw materials procurement, research and development, production, sales, service, "five one" production and sales through-train mode outdoor interlocking decking boards, in order to scale to reduce costs.
The domestic solid wood floor in Shanghai as a hub for raw materials procurement, production, technology, well-known brands will be the best raw materials wholesale vinyl fence los angeles, the latest production technology, marketing idea.
signs on the top or bake paint on the surface of the concrete position of the line shape.Wooden keel ceiling construction process: 2, wooden keel assembled wooden keel, before assembly shall be carried out on the floor (ground) assembly, assembly area is generally not more than 10 lining.Keel assemble methods often bite a zen hooking assembling method.

The specific approach: slot on keel, will bite assembling between tank and tank, groove glue and nail.Wooden keel ceiling construction process flow: 3, hoisting installation lifting point, steel hanger lifting point expansion bolt, embedded parts, etc., commonly used steel hanger can use steel, Angle steel or wood, lifting point and welding, binding,

can be used between steel hanger hook, bolts or screws.Wooden keel ceiling construction process: 4, fixed keel with percussion drill in elevation above the line along the wall drilling, hole inner wedge, keel nailed on the wedge will along the wall.Wooden keel ceiling construction process: 5 fixed with wire will assemble good wooden keel,
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